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Hungry Girl Today: 1.28.09


Dear Hungry Girl,

What's the difference -- taste and calorie-wise -- between skim milk, light
soymilk, and Almond Breeze? I'm new to all of this and was wondering how
you choose which to use in recipes, cereal, etc.

Navigating the Milky Way

Dear Navigating,

Excellent question. I am addicted to Almond Breeze (a non-dairy drink made
from almonds). But I am addicted ONLY to the Unsweetened Vanilla version
of Almond Breeze (UVAB for short!). It is, in my opinion, THE BEST milk
substitute ever. An entire cup of it has just 40 calories (less than half the
calories of skim milk!), 3g fat, and 1g fiber (POINTS® value 1*), and it's
creamy with a slight vanilla flavor. I rarely use skim milk because of my love
for UVAB. Although fat-free, a cup of skim milk has 90 calories, no fiber, and
a POINTS® value of 2* (and it doesn't taste rich and vanilla-y). I use UVAB
in smoothies, cereals (hot and cold), coffee, iced coffee drinks, and shakes,
plus I use it for baking and I drink it straight. I love, love, LOVE it. Beware --
there are several versions of Almond Breeze that are not the same. There's
the Unsweetened Original (not as delicious) and the sweetened kinds (about
twice the calories). Also, most almond milks out there (even unsweetened
ones) don't have the same great taste and nutritionals as UVAB. So read the
labels VERY carefully. As for light vanilla soymilk, I like it, and many HG
recipes call for it because it's more mainstream and therefore a little easier
to find. Try to stick with ones that have around 70 calories a cup, like the
kinds by 8th Continent and Vitasoy. BTW, you can pretty much use Almond
Breeze in any recipe that calls for milk or soymilk, but it's not great to use
when making instant pudding -- just a heads up. Find UVAB at select
markets, stocked with the non-refrigerated boxed milks (click here for a
product locator). You can also order it online at Amazon or buy it in bulk and
save by ordering here. Hope this was helpful! And BTW, click here to see
a "milk" battle we ran a while back. Good stuff...


It's Super Bowl time! I was wondering which of your recipes you'd
recommend for game day. Do you have any that could possibly fool people
into thinking they are eating completely fattening Super Bowl party foods?

Party Patti

Dear Party Patti,

Lucky YOU. I've got TONS of HG recipes that will make all of your party
guests happy. I promise you, even boyfriends and husbands have been
fooled repeatedly by these. There are too many to mention, but here are a
few of my personal favorites:

De-Pudged Pigs in a Blanket - This is definitely one of our most popular
recipes of all time. Humans LOVE pigs in a blanket. This version ROCKS and
is super-low in fat and calories.

Amazing ATE-Layer Dip - AAAAAAHHHH. This recipe is insanely fantastic and
will keep hungry game-watchers happy for a looong time. Enjoy it on freshly
cut veggies and baked tortilla chips, or spoon it into your face straight. It's
up to you.

Jalapeño Swappers - You know those crazy-greasy, cheese-filled, fried
jalapeños? Well, this version is low in fat and just as good. Really.

Ooey Gooey Chili Cheese Nachos - If it's tortilla chips smothered in chili and
cheese you crave, these are for you. Everyone LOVES them. Always.

Dan Good Chili - If you've got the HG cookbook, prepare this chili ASAP. I've
heard from many people that it is the best veggie chili they've ever tasted.
And if you don't have the book, well, WHY NOT?! :)

Also check out our Super Bowl guide from last year -- you'll find A TON more
tips and tricks for game-day grub there. Wishing you a SUPER fun, SUPER
delicious Super Bowl!!!

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Today, January 28th, is National Blueberry Pancake Day. And we just happen
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