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Hungry Girl Today: 2.04.09


Dear Hungry Girl,

I know you gave up bread and other starchy carbs for a while, but do you
eat those things now? If so, how often and what are your favorite breads and
bread-like items?

Bready or Not

Dear Bready or Not,

You're right, I did give up bread (and pasta, rice, potatoes, etc.) for almost a
full year once, about eight years ago. It was a great way for me personally
to finally lose the weight I had wanted to lose for many years (because
starches are major trigger foods for me and make me want to eat more!).
However, I knew I couldn't live without eating those things forever. I started
incorporating them back into my diet, but I don't eat them daily. In fact, I will
rarely (if ever) order a sandwich when dining out, and as much as possible, I
reserve bread-eating for when I'm home or at the HG HQ. Everyone's
different, but this is what works for me. Over the past few years I've found a
lot of bread-like items that I LOVE. I'll list the TOP ATE now. BTW, these all
have similar stats -- for the most part, each serving (two slices for bread;
one of everything else) has 80 - 110 calories, 0 - 3g fat, 15 - 26g carbs, 4 -
12g fiber, 4 - 9g protein, and a POINTS® value of 1*. (Only Kim's Light
Everything Bagel has a POINTS® value of 2*.) Pretty great, huh?

1. La Tortilla Factory Tortillas - Look for the 80-calorie, 12-gram-of-fiber
large ones called Smart & Delicious Low Carb/High Fiber. They're
FANTASTIC. Click for a store locator or order online.

2. Fiber One English Muffins - These are fairly new -- currently available in
the Northeast. They are delicious and come in a slew of varieties (click here
for some brand-new ones).

3. Arnold Select Sandwich Thins - These are like flatter, denser hamburger
buns or english muffins (sans the nooks and crannies). Simply put, they're
INCREDIBLE. Arnold also makes great light bread! P.S. See if they're sold
near you by entering your zip code at the Arnold website.

4. Flatout Light Wraps - These large, 90-calorie wraps are great. In Original,
Italian Herb, Sundried Tomato, and Garden Spinach, they're great for
stuffing full of other things (like chopped Boca patties, pickles, and lettuce!).
Just make sure to get the ones labeled "Light", because the regular higher
calorie wraps come in the same flavors. Click on the "Stores" section of
Flatout's site to find out where to buy them (or just order online).

5. Western Bagel Alternative Bagels, Alternative Pita Bread, and Alternative
English Muffins - You can find these in select markets or order online. This
stuff has amazing stats and tastes delicious, too!

6. Kim's Light Bagels - Kim ROCKS! Her bagels are reeeeally good and come
in many flavors. Order online or click here to see where they're sold.

7. Sara Lee Delightful Breads - These come in a bunch of varieties, and the
nutritional info is solid! They're also pretty easy to find at supermarkets.

8. Weight Watchers Breads, Pita Pockets, and English Muffins - Lots of variety
here, and all good. Plus, you don't have to be a member or sneak into a
meeting location to buy them -- they're sold at a lot of grocery stores.

Those are my bread picks. Any light bread that has 40 - 50 calories and at
least 2g fiber per slice is worth trying. Just read labels carefully! And see our
supermarket list for a few more HG picks in the "Breads" section. I'd say I
eat these light breads/tortillas, etc., 2 - 3 times a week, depending on the
week (and how much sushi I am eating, because I don't like to eat bread on
days I am eating lots of sushi rice -- and I am sushi-obsessed). Remember,
I'm not a doctor or nutrition professional -- this is just what I've found works
well for me. Happy chewing!

Dear HG,

I love, LOVE your cookbook so much -- got it for Christmas and think it is the
best! Are all of the recipes in the book on the site? And when is your next
book coming out?

Loving My Cookbook

Dear Loving,

Thank you!!! So glad you are enjoying the HG cookbook. No, not all of the
recipes in the book are on the site -- lots of them were developed exclusively
for the book. And while many recipes from the book are online, navigating
the HG site for specific recipes can be a tiny bit challenging. Since all of our
past emails are categorized by date and day of the week, you need to search
by keyword if you're looking for something specific. (Pssst... the search bar
is in the upper right corner of the homepage.) The site does have over 1,000
recipes, and if you spend time searching and poking around, you'll find them!
As for the next book, it's called Hungry Girl 200 Under 200: 200 Recipes
Under 200 Calories. It will be released on April 14th, but you'll see some
more info about the book (and the fun stuff you'll find in it) within the next
month or so. For now you can click here to pre-order it, or just gaze at the
pretty cover in this email. But back to the HG site. Not only can you find a
bazillion recipes there, but you can also find every single HG email that has
ever been sent. That means Food Fights, Ask HG, Chew & Tell Reviews, and
more. They're all there! So in case you delete one, or misplace a recipe that
was sent, you can always go to to find it. And here's a little
tip -- if the HG search bar isn't giving you results, go to Google and
search "Hungry Girl" plus whatever you're looking for. Thanks for checking

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