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Hungry Girl Today: 08.30.06


Dear Hungry Girl,

My friend in Los Angeles talks incessantly about some zero-calorie

cappuccino foam she buys at Whole Foods. I can't seem to find it anywhere.

Does such a thing exist, does it really contain NO CALORIES, and more

importantly, where can I find it?

Freaking Out Over Foam

Dear Freaking Out,

The product you are referring to does exist, and it's called Coffeehouse

Classics FOAM!. I am completely and totally OBSESSED with it. The stuff

comes in aerosol cans and can be found in the fridge section of select stores

(where you'd find the whipped cream). It even looks and tastes a lot like

whipped cream. Thing is, it is completely fat-free and VERY low in calories.

It's actually not calorie-free, but due to FDA regulations about serving sizes,

etc., the serving size listed on the can is a bit unrealistic and therefore the

nutritional info is off (there's a full explanation on their website). An average

one-ounce serving (which is way bigger than a whipped cream serving) has

about 20 calories. How it works is, you squirt the stuff on your coffee (or hot

cocoa), nuke it for about 20-30 seconds, and you've got yourself a foam-

tastic Starbucks-quality beverage created right in your kitchen. I love this

stuff so much I've even used it in place of whipped cream! There is,

however, a catch. This foam is CRAZY-HARD to find (click to see where it's

sold). Ugh! I am gonna do my part to help get this stuff on shelves - and

you can, too. Simply click here to print out a form you can bring to your local

market. Give it to the manager and BEG him or her to start carrying this

product. It is SO worth it! I'm completely hooked on it, and I want the rest of

the world to try it as well.

Long live the foam!!!

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I recently cut red meat out of my diet for health reasons, but I LOVE the

taste of real meat! Do you have any suggestions for the most meaty-tasting

non-meat products on the market? Thanks!

Meat-Lover in Michigan

Dear Meat-Lover,

As a non-vegetarian meat-lover, I am happy to say I have found a bunch of

products that are completely meat-free, yet "meaty" tasting enough to

satisfy a craving for the real thing. The number one most meaty veggie

product out right now would have to be Gardenburger's Riblets. They ROCK!

Saucy, sweet and satisfying, they're practically as good as ribs you'd find in

Memphis! As for meaty-tasting burgers, I'd say your best bet is Boca's

Original vegan patties. They're awesome and have just 70 calories (the

cheesy and flame-grilled flavors taste great, too, but they are a bit higher in

calories -- just a heads up). Boca also makes great meatless chili and

lasagna, and fantastic ground "burger." These ground crumbles are perfect

to use in recipes -- you can make delicious meat-free sloppy joes, sauces,

and more. Enjoy!

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Today, August 30th, is National Toasted Marshmallow Day. Grab a bag of

Kraft's portion-controlled Mini Jet-Puffed Marshmallows. Each mini-mallow

has about two calories...Weeeee!

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