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Hungry Girl Today: 08.31.06


Ooooh...check out these groovy gadgets that HG sniffed out!

Salter 1450 Nutri Weigh Dietary Computer Scale

This super-cool computerized food scale has a database chock-full of
nutritional info on more than 1,400 foods. So when you plop a handful of
grapes on it, you’ll not only find out their weight but also the exact amount of
calories, fat grams, etc. that specific portion contains. And, it gets better.
You can program nutritionals for up to 100 extra products/ recipes into the
database. You can even track your total daily intake & set dietary goals/
limits, too! We love this scale so much it hurts. Available online; click here to
compare prices!

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Soda Club Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker

How many times have you wished you could just make your own soda at
home? Well, even if you've never fantasized about it, carbonating your own
water is quite satisfying -- and fun! In a matter of seconds, you'll turn
ordinary water into carbonated seltzer or soda (check out the website for a
fun video demo). They’ve got a slew of yummy diet flavors (sweetened with
Splenda) ranging from Root Beer and Cream Soda to Orange Soda and Pink
Grapefruit! Most are caffeine-free, too. They've even got a low-cal, vitamin-
packed energy booster that you can add to any flavor! Don’t see the flavor
you're looking for? The folks at Soda Club are constantly mixin’ up new
ones; send ‘em your suggestions. Order from their website, or click here to
find a store near you. It’s a fizzy fun time!

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The Aerogrow Aerogarden Kit

We’ve done our research, and this is without a doubt the easiest indoor
garden kit on the market. It’s a fully automated, self-feeding, garden-
growing sensation! Not only is there no dirt involved (yay!), but the system
automatically adjusts the lighting for best results & REMINDS you when to
water it. Use it to grow your own lettuce, herbs and veggies. The
Aerogarden comes with a FREE Salad Greens Seed Kit, which will get you
started growing seven different types of lettuce. In no time you’ll be
boasting about the salad you grew in your own (countertop) garden. They
are currently only available online.

Pop Art Toaster

It should be illegal for kitchenware to be this cute. This groovy toaster
(available in a variety of colors) actually imprints little messages and pictures
on your toastables! Serve up snowflake-emblazoned english muffins or “LUV
U” touting toast! There are even themed ones available with kooky
statements like “Bite Me!” and “Boys R Smelly.” This could be used as a
dieting device, too, 'cuz food this cute shouldn't be eaten! Click here to find
out how to get one.

Octodog Frankfurter Converter

Frankly (pun intended!), this one’s a little frightening. But we just had to
include it. This wacky device slices ordinary hot dogs into eight-legged sea
creatures. Cook ‘em, and their little legs swirl around the body like
tentacles. Decorate them with condiments and eat 'em, or put on a hot dog
variety show for the neighbors! We can't wait to turn guilt-free dogs into
various and sundry sea critters. Yippeee! Purchase ‘em online here.

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