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Hungry Girl Today: 09.25.06


McDonald's News...

If you love McDonald's breakfast, you'll be happy to hear that Ronald and the
gang are considering making their morning meals available throughout the
day. Good news? We're not sure. Their signature sandwiches and other
morning meals have as many calories as (if not more than) Big Macs &
Quarter Pounders. But what's fair is fair, so if Mickey D's decides to go with
the new "breakfast all day long" plan, we say you should be able to get your
hands (and teeth) on one of their awesome Asian salads first thing in the AM.
Stay tuned... In the meantime, their insanely delicious and breakfasty Fruit 'n
Yogurt Parfait is available anytime...

New Products...

PowerBar Pria Grain Essentials - 160 to 170-calorie crispy snack bars that
are packed with good stuff like whole grains and 40% of your calcium for the
day. Available in Chocolate Almond Bliss, Orchard Apple Cinnamon Crisp,
and Country Honey 'n Oats.


Dannon Light & Fit Crave Control Yogurt - Reduced-sugar nonfat yogurt
made with fruit, cereal and something called ProteinFiberPlus. These cute 4-
oz. snack-tastic containers aim to curb appetites. They come in three
flavors -- Strawberry & Cereal, Peach & Cereal and Vanilla & Cereal. Each
has just 70 calories and packs in 3 grams of fiber.


Fruity Cheerios - Move over Froot Loops; there's a new circular fruity cereal
in town. With 25% less sugar than the leading fruity cereal (plus 12 essential
vitamins and minerals), Fruity Cheerios cereal combines whole grains with
real fruit juice. The Cheerios folks are even offering a coupon for it. Woohoo!


Cool Stuff We Found...

Taking Portion Control to the Next Level - A super-crafty couple assembled
the world's lowest calorie fast food meal. No, it's not made with fake meats
and baked fries; it's just really tiny. How tiny? About the size of a Splenda
packet. You've gotta see it to believe it. Click here and prepare to be
mesmerized by the world's most adorable junk food.


Have Cereal, Will Travel - Pack up your cereal and keep your milk icy cold!
This on-the-go cereal container will keep your b-fast fresh as can be and
even comes with a built-in spoon. Fancy!


Bedside Blender Alarm Clock - Wake up to the soothing whir of styrofoam
beads. Sounds like torture to us, although you have to admit this thing is
cute in a retro kinda way (and don't expect it to make HG's Strawberry Cloud
or anything. It won't).


The Buzz...

Want to be on TV this Thanksgiving season? Enter Butterball's "Shoot Your
Own Commercial" contest, and you might see yourself all over national TV
(wouldn't that be cool?). All the details can be found on their website.
***Unilever, the parent company for Lipton, Ragu, Slimfast, Skippy,
Promise, etc., is implementing a nutritional logo program called "Choices"
that will provide a quick, simple way for us to identify food and drinks low in
four major "nutrients of concern" -- trans fat, saturated fat, sodium and
added sugars. Great idea -- but people have enough trouble deciphering
labels as is; let's hope they keep this simple. ***Heads up! September is
National Cholesterol Awareness Month...don't forget to get tested. That's all
we've got. HG out!



Tomorrow, September 26th, is National Pancake Day. Celebrate with some
Noodlicious Zucchini Pancakes from HG...

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