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Hungry Girl Today: 10.02.06


(Low Sodium) Soup's On!

Fall is here, and you know what that's SOUPTIME! And as much as
we all love the stuff, everyone knows canned soups are super-high in
sodium. If that disturbs you, we're here to remind you of some lower sodium
options this season...

Amy's Kitchen - Our friends at Amy's have said "See ya!" to 50% of the
sodium in some of their soups. Don't miss their Light in Sodium Minestrone.
We LOVE it!

Campbell's - Our soupster pals at Campbell's have peppered soup shelves
with a whole SLEW of reduced-sodium options. Included in the line are some
of their classic red and white can faves, Chunky Healthy Request choices,
and regular Healthy Request varieties. All of their sodium-slimmed soups
contain a minimum of 25% less of the stuff. Go, Campbell's!

Progresso - Looking for Progresso faves with HALF the sodium of their
regular soups? You're in luck. Their new 4-flavor line (which includes
Chicken Noodle, Chicken Gumbo, Garden Vegetable and Minestrone) is
certified by the American Heart Association.

Nestle...A Health Brand?!

Chances are, you associate the name "Nestle" with a certain chocolate
crunch bar or a steamy cup of cocoa. Not products you'd typically think of as
healthy. But it seems the Swiss company is trying to shed its current image
and reposition itself as "health-oriented." In addition to gobbling up the diet
brand Jenny Craig, Nestle is now focusing on developing foods that are lower
in sodium and/or fat, adding fiber and vitamins to their products, and
packaging their stuff in a more "health-focused" way. We always knew
Nestle had it in 'em. After all, they own Libby's (the makers of our favorite
canned pumpkin -- a staple in so many HG recipes), Dreyer's (the makers of
the ever-popular Slow Churned Light Ice Cream), and of course, Lean

Stuff You Didn't Know You Needed...

Geek-a-Cycle - Mouse Potato Alert! If you find yourself too busy staring at a
computer monitor to get your cardio in, this is your lucky day! Now you can
pedal calories away while doing work (or reading HG) with the Geek-a-
Cycle. We're getting one of these for sure...

Lap Mugs - Mugs designed to nest easily and securely in your lap? While
they look cool and interesting, they're not exactly functional, 'cuz they sort of
lean forward so you can't really fill them up. Bizarre!

Finger Forks - We're not exactly sure how or why you'd want to use one of
these things. And they come from the UK, so they're not the easiest to get
your hands on (no pun intended). But these kooky forks that you slip onto
your fingers are worth viewing.


The Buzz...

A recent Australian study revealed that people who shop for groceries online
tend to make healthier choices than those who do their food shopping at the
store. Experts say it's because people shopping online take the time to read
about the healthier options that are available to them. ***A new proposal
hopes to make The Big Apple trans fat free. The restaurant industry is up in
arms over this and fears if trans fats are outlawed it'll create havoc in NYC.
Read about it here. ***Need more to read? Check out this article about
Hungry's running in LA's popular Studio City Sun newspaper. That's
all we've got. HG out!


October is International Microwave Month. Um, to be perfectly honest, we're
not exactly sure how to celebrate this one.

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