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Hungry Girl Today: 10.19.06


As if providing us with guilt-free goodies wasn’t enough, some of our favorite

food brands are running INSANE contests as we type this...Check these out

and good luck!

We sniffed out a bunch of amazing contests (our TOP ATE, to be exact) for

you to enter, from some of our favorite food companies. Please note that

these are NOT ads; we are NOT being paid to feature these and there is no

purchase necessary to enter. We just thought this stuff was cool, and that

you might enjoy entering - and possibly winning. Weeee!

The Contest: “Do The Dip, Win a Trip” Sweepstakes. They’re giving away

four 5-day trips for 4 to Orlando, FL, complete with airfare, hotel rooms,

theme park passes and $1,000 in spending cash! 100 others can win

portable DVD players. Hurry…ends November 1st!


Courtesy of: Our friends at Kraft Handi-Snacks

HG's Pick: Pretzels ‘n Cheez Single Serve snacks. These individual packs of

salty pretzel sticks and creamy cheese dip have only 90 calories and 3.5

grams of fat. They could come in “handi” on your plane ride!

The Contest: “Win a Home Gym” Instant Win Game. Win a deluxe gym set

worth over $4,000. We’re talking a Bowflex Extreme Home Gym, a

treadmill, an elliptical machine and a weights set. BTW, you can't enter this

one online.


Courtesy of: Everyone's favorite heifer, The Laughing Cow

HG's Pick: The Light, 35-calorie, creamy cheese wedges in flavors like

Original Swiss, French Onion, and Garlic & Herb. Use ‘em in recipes (cheese

sauces!) or as a guilt-free cream cheese substitute. (Pssst... this stuff is

most famous for being a key ingredient in our Fettuccine Hungry Girlfredo.)


The Contest: "Pass and Snack in Paradise with the Mannings" Sweepstakes.

How does 4 days in Paradise Island, Bahamas with your three closest pals

sound? Airfare, hotel, and spending cash are all included in this prize pack.

Also, we hear some football players are going to be there...


Courtesy of: Kraft & Nabisco...Yippeee!

HG's Pick: It's tough to choose just one product from the company that

brings us all those 100 Calorie Packs. But we’re currently hooked on the 100

Calorie Ritz Chips Minis. And, of course, the Oreo Thin Crisps. And the

Chips Ahoy! Thin Crisps. I guess we pretty much love them all.

For links go to:

The Contest: "A Beautiful Buffet for the Holidays" Sweepstakes. We love

LOVE this awesome and original prize pack. A triple buffet serving station, a

stylin’ assortment of terrycloth kitchen accessories, and a full line of

seasoning blends and marinades?!? Party time...Woohoo!


Courtesy of: The very thoughtful Mrs. Dash

HG's Pick: We heart all of Mrs. Dash's seasonings. But right now, we’re

feelin’ the Lemon Pepper stuff. We sorta can’t believe that it’s salt-free; it

makes the perfect replacement for salt and butter on corn on the cob, and

it’s also great for adding some zazzle to soups. Fancy!

For links go to:

The Contest: "Spruce Up Your House with Maxwell House" Instant Win

Game. Up for grabs is over $500,000 in cash and prizes. Every month until

next March, they’re giving away 10K in cold, hard cash! Other prizes include

a TV/ DVD/ CD & MP3 player, a groovy home rotisserie oven, and a

premium hot-beverage-making station. Wowsers! (FYI - you have to find

specially-marked cans or enter by mail!)


Courtesy of: Our caffeinated pals over at Maxwell House

HG's Pick: It’s no secret that we’re Millstone fanatics when it comes to our

coffee. But we’re also kinda sweet on Max House’s Filter Packs. They're

perfect for those of us who hate to grind and measure.


The Contest: Post Selects "B & B Getaway" Sweepstakes. It’s cool enough

that the Post people are offering up a 3-day getaway with airfare and car

rental. But the fact that you get to pick your destination from over 4,000

bed ‘n breakfasts is super-cool. We love you, Post.


Courtesy of: The cereal-centric people at Post

HG's Pick: Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal Bars make an awesome on-the-go

breakfast or mid-day snack. They come in Banana Nut, Cranberry Almond

and Oatmeal Raisin, and these whole grain treats contain just 130 – 140

calories and 3 – 4 grams of fat each. Mmmmm!

For links go to:

The Contest: "One Millionth Tofurky Roast" Contest. In the alterna-turkey

business since ’95, these guys are speeding towards the big one million in

Tofurky sales. They’re givin’ an adorable electric motor scooter to the

person who IDs the number of tofurkys they’ll have sold by this coming New

Year's Day. They hit 882,310 last January 1st...


Courtesy of: The tofu-turkey masters at Turtle Island Foods

HG's Pick: Hickory Smoked Tofurky Deli Slices. This thin-sliced, savory

turkey alternative has only around 30 calories and a gram of fat per slice…

plus a whole gram of fiber in each! Load up a low-cal tortilla with a few of

these and some lettuce, tomato, and zesty mustard. Mmmm…

The Contest: "Cool Whip Free Groceries" Instant Win Game. We’re talking

two grand prizes of free groceries for an entire year! And in case you’re

wondering, it comes to over 800 bucks a month! Plus, 100 other winners get

a solid $100 to blow at the supermarket. How many tubs of Cool Whip Free

will that get us? Look for details on specially marked tubs, or enter by mail...


Courtesy of: Our fluffy friends at Cool Whip

HG's Pick: Umm…this one is a no-brainer. Cool Whip Free (with just 15

calories a serving and no fat) is good on everything! Pudding, frozen yogurt,

low-cal cookies, a spoon…

HG HEADS UP! Please be aware that if you give your email address to these

companies, there is a chance they will start sending you emails. Be careful

to read all rules carefully...


Chew on This:

Remember, October is National Seafood Month. Fish is super-healthy, and

it's supposed to be great for your brain, too!

Share this super-cool contest email with everyone you know. If you all

enter, one of you is bound to win SOMETHING. Click "send to a friend" NOW!

HG NOTE: The Yum Yum Brownies featured in yesterday's email have

approx. 2 Points each, and the giant pumpkin pancake has 3 Points.



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