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Hungry Girl Today: 10.27.06


Crazy for chocolate? Before you bite into that fattening, high-cal snack, take
a look at these choco-rific swaps. Tomorrow is National Chocolate Day. Feel
free to celebrate with some of our favorite chocolate things...


Instead of regular brownies, try:

No Pudge! Brownies
(1/12 dry mix: 110 calories, 0g fat, 100mg sodium, 28g carbs, 1g fiber, 22g
sugars, 2g protein = 2 Points)

Brownies don't have to be a no-no! These fat-free, fudge-y, gooey slabs of
choco-liciousness taste great and have just 110 - 120 calories each
(depending on how you prepare 'em -- some people use diet soda and
nothing else!). The key here is to bake them, then slice into individual
servings. When you're craving brownies, reach for one, not the whole box.
The No Pudge! peeps even give you recipe tips for making just one or two
servings at a time, in case you can't be trusted. HG Tip: Instead of following
the box's directions, mix with a 15-oz. can of pure pumpkin (and nothing
else!) to make SUPER-FUDGY, fiber-packed brownies.

Swap real chocolate pudding for:

Jell-O Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding Snacks
(one snack cup: 60 calories, 1.5g fat, 180mg sodium, 14g carbs, 1g fiber, 0g
sugars, 2g protein = 1 Point)

There's nothing quite like a self-contained single serving of delicious Jell-O
pudding goodness. Jell-O's sugar-free version of their signature pudding has
just 60 calories and 1.5 grams of fat. These little cups are as pudding-rific as
it gets!

Ditch full-fat ice cream for:

Dreyer's/Edy's Chocolate Slow Churned Light Ice Cream
(1/2 cup: 110 calories, 3.5g fat, 45mg sodium, 16g carbs, 1g fiber, 11g
sugars, 3g protein = 2 Points)

Is there any way to improve chocolate ice cream without adding extra sugar
and fat? We didn't think so, but the people at Dreyer's/Edy's have proven us
wrong. This creamy alternative has less than half the calories of most
gourmet ice cream, but the same insanely creamy taste. Simply put, this is
one of our best finds

Skip the Oreos, try these instead:

Nabisco Oreo Thin Crisps 100 Calorie Packs
(one pouch: 100 calories, 2g fat, 160mg sodium, 19g carbs, <1g fiber, 9g
sugars, 1g protein = 2 Points)

These are absolutely brilliant. Nabisco has reduced the much-loved Oreo
cookie to a lower fat, lower calorie, bite-sized version that's just as delicious
as the original. In addition, they've gone one step further, breaking these
wonderful little wafers into 100-calorie serving sizes, thus minimizing the risk
of mindlessly shoveling thousands of calories down your gullet in one sitting.
That is, unless you open another pack, and then another... (Pssst -- don't do


Vitalicious Double Chocolate Dream VitaTop
(one top: 100 calories, 1.5g fat, 220mg sodium, 24g carbs, 6g fiber, 12g
sugars, 3g protein = 1 Point)

When it comes to delicious, guilt-free chocolate treats, it's hard to beat a
Double Chocolate Dream VitaTop. Yeah, we may have developed them, but
that's not the only reason we are OBSESSED with these fiber-infused, white-
chocolate-chip-packed, 100-calorie muffin tops. THEY ROCK!!!!!!!!!!


Adora - Chocolate Calcium Supplements
(one disk: 30 calories, 2g fat, 3g carbs, 2 - 3g sugars, 3g protein = 1 Point)

Need an excuse to chow down on chocolate? Here's one! These delicious
chocolate discs are CRAMMED FULL of calcium. Each piece has just 30
calories and HALF of your recommended calcium for an entire day. They
come in both creamy milk chocolate and rich dark chocolate. Weeeeee!

Hungry Girl's Freakishly Good Frozen Hot Chocolate
(one recipe: 58 calories, 0.5g fat, 184mg sodium, 10g carbs, 1g fiber, 5g
sugars, 3g protein = 1 Point)

The best-ever, guilt-free frozen chocolate drink!

1 packet Nestle Fat Free Hot Cocoa Mix or any other 25-calorie hot cocoa mix
3 oz. hot water
2 oz. 8th Continent Light Vanilla Soymilk
1/2 oz. Torani Sugar Free Syrup, White Chocolate or Vanilla
2 packets Splenda
1 tsp. sugar-free chocolate syrup
1 cup ice
Fat Free Reddi-wip

Directions: Dissolve hot cocoa mix, chocolate syrup and Splenda in hot
water. Add soymilk and Torani syrup. Pour into blender. Add ice. Blend on
the highest speed for about 45 seconds, or until well blended. Pour into a tall
mug. Top with a squirt of Fat Free Reddi-wip!

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