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Hungry Girl Today: 11.01.06



I have a problem. I tried those shirataki noodles you always rave about,
and I didn't like them. Am I the only human on the planet that feels this way?
Did I do something wrong? Please tell me how I am supposed to prepare
them, and if I'm alone here.

Not Into the Noodles

Dear Not Into the Noodles,

You are NOT alone. I do get hundreds of emails each and every week from
people who RAVE about Tofu Shirataki noodles, but every now and then,
someone will complain about the smell or texture of these noodles. There are
some key things to remember here. Tofu Shirataki contains ONE-TWENTIETH
as many calories as regular pasta. Hear me. You can eat TWENTY times as
much of these noodles as you can regular spaghetti, for the same number of
calories. That's HUGE...and impressive. But that being said, they don't taste
EXACTLY like pasta, and they are a bit "chewier" or more "rubbery" than
regular pasta. They do, however, fool diet food haters and true pasta-lovers
all the time. There are DEFINITELY ways to prepare these noodles that are
better than others. They should be rinsed, drained and dried VERY well.
Also, you should cut them up some, because they are unwieldy. Instead
of "parboiling" them as the package recommends, I just nuke 'em for about
a minute before doing anything with them. They work EXTREMELY well with
Laughing Cow Light cheese wedges, in creamy sauces, and in soups. They're
also great with chicken, shrimp, steak, veggies, fish, etc., and are AWESOME
in stir-fries and casseroles. They simply don't work as well (in my opinion) in
red sauces. You can try it, but your results will be less pasta-ish than you'll
want them to be; trust me. Your question did make me curious, though, as to
what the breakdown of Tofu Shirataki fans to non-fans is. So, I'm putting up
a poll. Click here to weigh in on these noodles (just do it -- taking polls is

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Dear Hungry Girl,

My friend told me you once ran some sort of shopping list that featured all of
your favorite foods, but I can't find it. Can you please tell me if such a thing
really exists?

In Search of HG Foods

Dear In Search,

YES...the list in question does exist. It was actually sent out as one of our
daily emails a while back, and now it lives in our archives. You can get to it
by clicking here. And while we're talking about our past emails, I want to
make sure everyone knows that every single one of our HG emails (since the
day we launched back in late April of 2004) can be found on our fully
searchable site. Browse through emails by clicking on “News,” “Chew the
Right Thing,” etc., or just enter a keyword into the search bar and go nuts!
One word of caution -- if you go to and start clicking
and reading, you may get stuck there for hours (don't say I didn't warn you!).


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