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Hungry Girl Today: 11.06.06


HG Launches on Yahoo! Food

Yahoo! Food launched last week, and it's a portal packed with so much food-

related stuff it'll make your head spin. The internet company has taken on

partners like Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray and, most importantly (well, to us,

at least!), Hungry Girl! We'll be providing new EXCLUSIVE weekly content,

and we've also given them access to some of our very best food swap

recipes. To check out HG's newest offerings on The 'Hoo (our pet name for

Yahoo!), click here . And don't forget to tell them how much you like the new

site...and the fact that Hungry Girl is all over it. Weeee!


Look What We Found...

Calling All Moms! Moms + Dieticians = Success - Wendy's and the American

Dietetic Association (ADA) have joined forces to launch Mom-RD, a FREE

program that connects parents with dieticians. Have Qs for a nutrition

professional? Check it out!


The World's Fastest Workout?! - Don't have time for a full workout?

How 'bout a FIVE-MINUTE one? Check out the latest offering from our pals at

GYMp3: a series of 5-minute routines from celeb fitness guru Kathy Kaehler.

(Pssst- Kathy has used these mini-workouts to keep Julia Roberts and

Jennifer Aniston in shape!) Download it here.


Burn that Fat! Need help calculating your BMI and keeping track of your food

intake and fitness schedule? Check out - brought to us by

certified personal trainer, psychologist, motivational speaker, and world-class

swimmer Dr. Tom Williams (wow, he's busy!). He's also got a brand-new

gym in Los Angeles, which you can visit if you happen to live there...


Stuff You Didn't Know You Needed...

Candy Grabber - This thing ROCKS! Not only will you be able to brush up on

your arcade skills, and entertain friends and family for hours; this grabber

thingee will make it that much harder to get to the sweet stuff, causing you

to consume fewer calories. Weeeee!


Number Mugs - These super-cute cups have numbered handles. Your days of

having people over for tea, and experiencing chaos over which cup belongs

to which guest, are OVER. (Ok, maybe this is a VERY uncommon problem,

but you have to admit these mugs are a-dorable!)


Cake Computer Sleeve - Want to protect your laptop? Why not do it with a

cute felt cover that looks exactly like a sheet cake? Check out this kitschy

cake-tastic item now!


The Buzz...

We never tire of hearing about new reasons to eat chocolate, and this latest

one is definitely one of our favorites. A British nutritionist (and genius) has

developed an all-natural chocolate truffle that relieves stress and "puts the

joy back in living." Made with unprocessed chocolate, raspberries and an

amino acid clinically proven to help reduce daily stress, these candies have

just 20 calories and 1g of fat per piece. They're expensive, so the price alone

may be enough to stress you out, but click here for details. ***A recent

study shows that monkeys who consume 30% fewer calories than average,

look and act younger. While some experts say the results would likely be the

same for humans, reducing calorie intake that severely is unrealistic for most

people. ABC News medical contributor Dr. David Katz points out that

monkeys, "don't have holiday parties to go to, and they don't have a

workplace where there are all sorts of tempting things." True dat. ***Coffee

drinkers have a much lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes than people

who don't drink it, a new study shows. We're off to Starbucks. That's all

we've got. HG out!




Today, November 6th, is National Nachos Day. Don't miss our super-duper

recipe coming up tomorrow!

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