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Hungry Girl Today: 11.15.06


Dear Hungry Girl,

I'm new to Hungry Girl and I have some questions. I notice that you put
point values on some of the foods you write about. Are those Weight
Watchers Points? Also, do you accept advertising? Do companies pay you to
write about them? And how many people do you have over there working on
stuff? Are you one person or like a staff of fifty? Tell me, HG!


Dear HG-Obsessed,

Welcome! Yes, when I mention "Points" in the daily emails they are, in fact,
Weight Watchers Points. As far as advertising is concerned, the way HG
works is simple. All of the stuff you read every day in editorial is NOT paid
for. I mention brand names A LOT because there are brands I LOVE, and I
would rather be honest and mention them by name than have you spend lots
of money on food that doesn't taste good. That being said, there ARE ads in
Hungry Girl emails. Sometimes ('cuz of things like special offers or recipes)
people have a hard time figuring out that they're ads, but our advertisements
are either in the form of banners, "Guilt Free Groceries" (additions to some
of our emails), or "Side Dish" dedicated emails. Ads are marked as ads and
usually have some sort of special offer attached to them. The key thing to
remember here is that you will never EVER see an ad in a Hungry Girl email
that features a product that I don't enjoy. I only accept ads from products
and companies I like and believe in. As for the staff -- there are just a few
of us working full-time. Three (including me), to be exact -- with a few part-
timers thrown in for good measure.

Hungry Girl,

With the holidays coming up, do you know of any low-calorie eggnogs,
specifically ones that I can buy in a store instead of online? Thanks!


Dear Nog-lover,

Unlike you, I am not a huge fan of eggnog. In fact, until a few years ago, I
had totally written the stuff off... mainly because of all the calories and fat it
has (there are like 320+ calories and 17 or more fat grams in a typical 8-oz.
serving of the stuff!). Who needs it!? I decided to give it another shot when
lighter versions started to hit shelves, and I'm glad I did because some of
them are REALLY good. My new favorite is Vitasoy's Holly Nog. It's a soy-
based dairy-free version that is super-sweet and tasty (found with other non-
refrigerated "milk" products), and it has just 120 calories and 2 grams of fat
per full cup. I also like Silk Nog - but the nutritionals on that one are a bit
higher -- 180 calories and 4 grams of fat for a cup. They're both great. You
should also check out the 110-calorie, 3g-of-fat per half-cup Dreyer's/Edy's
Slow Churned Light Ice Cream in Egg Nog -- it's a limited edition flavor that's
only available for a few months out of the year, and that time is RIGHT

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Chew on This:

Rumor has it eggnog was first consumed in 1607 in Jamestown, Virginia.
Their nog was NOT soy-based, that much we can tell you.

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