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Hungry Girl Today: 12.04.06


Guilt-Free On The Go...

Good news for the calorie-conscious (and the very busy). The demand
for "quick and easy" food options is continuing to grow, and so is the
American public's desire for healthier snack food. That's why more and
more convenience stores are introducing better-for-you options, like pre-
packaged salads and reduced calorie sandwiches. You'll likely even find
small cups of fruits & veggies that fit perfectly in your car's cup holders (you
can't say that about a Big Gulp!). Embrace the concept -- when in need of a
roadside snack, opt for healthy items and ditch the chips & candy...we need
to make sure the good stuff stays on the shelves! For more convenience
store tips, check out HG's cheat sheet.


Good Karma...For You & Your Pet!

Don't buy your pooch junk food this holiday (enough with the Snausages
already!). Instead, dress your pet up in STYLE with colorful collars and/or
leashes from SOCOCO (Socially Conscious Companion). Their "Good Karma"
line is stylish 'n comfy, and a portion of the proceeds benefit the
Baphumelele Children's Home in South Africa. Check out for
fun, socially conscious gift ideas for friends and pets!


Candy! Candy! Candy!

Here's some sweeeeeeeeet news from HG...

Miss Meringue Meringues, Peppermint Crush - These brand-new, cool 'n
minty holiday sweets have just 12 calories each and taste so good WE'VE got
a crush on THEM! Try some before they're gone...


Andes Sugar Free Mints - Our pals at Tootsie tell us there's a sugar-free
version of their famous Andes chocolate mints on the way.


Chocolate BUBBLE YUM - Chocoholics in search of a fat-free fix will be happy
to hear that a chocolate-flavored BUBBLE YUM bubblegum is on the way. It
won't be sugar-free, but it'll likely have just 25 calories and no fat per chewy
chocolatey chunk!

The Buzz...

Natural edible food coatings containing sticky sugars, oils and fats may help
keep deadly E. coli bacteria away from fresh produce. But who wants to add
a sweet fatty layer to their fruits & veggies?! Yikes!***Arby's is joining the
likes of Taco Bell, KFC and Wendy's by cutting trans fats from popular menu
items, and by May of 2007, the chain promises that 75% of their menu will
be trans-fat-free. Yay! ***With cold & flu season here, you should know
that experts say working out too much when you're coming down with a cold
may be a bad idea. While moderate exercise is ok, some experts insist that
heart-pumping workouts can actually prolong your illness. So if you're
feeling under the weather, listen to your body and take it easy with the
exercise. ***Ohhhh... do NOT miss a chance to get a sneak-chew of the all-
new HG-developed FUDGY PEANUT BUTTER CHIP VitaTops. On sale
tomorrow. That's all we've got. HG out!

***Thanks so much to everyone who emailed condolences about the loss of
my cat, Mischief. Your heartfelt messages and acts of kindness mean so
much to me. -- Lisa


Today, December 4th, is National Cookie Day. Celebrate with a pouch of
100 Calorie Packs Chips Ahoy! Thin Crisps. Woohoo!

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