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Hungry Girl Today: 12.18.06


Does Lower Fat = Higher Calorie?

Just a friendly HG warning to be VERY careful when partaking in low-fat or
fat-free foods. A new study shows that people actually consume MORE
calories when they snack on foods that are labeled low-fat. It's important to
remember, low fat doesn't necessarily mean low calorie. In fact, plenty of
foods with 50% less fat often only have 15% fewer calories. According to
that same study, people also typically underestimate the number of calories
in these foods and overestimate their actual serving sizes. That's a BAD
combination! Our advice? Read labels carefully, and pay VERY close
attention to portion sizes. And if your favorite low-fat chip comes in a big
bag, break it down into smaller portions before digging in!


Chocolate B-fast Cereals to Sweep the US!

Now that everyone's blabbing incessantly about how chocolate is actually
good for you, you're sgonna see the stuff pop up EVERYWHERE -- including
the cereal aisle of your local market. And we're not talkin' Cocoa Puffs here,
people. We mean cereals that are actually health-focused. 2007 will bring
us Life Chocolate Oat Crunch (low-fat, high fiber cereal coming in February)
and Special K Chocolatey Delight (which fits into their two-week weight loss
challenge). Who knows...maybe if you kick that chocolate craving first thing
you'll be less likely to snack on candy bars later in the day?! Here's hoping...


HG Special Offers & Bargains - Yippeee!

FRS Holiday Pack - Exclusively for HG subscribers, our FRS friends have put
together this bundle of low-cal FRS-y goodies (a perfect last-minute gift for
yourself or someone else!). It's a great deal with free shipping, too. Click
here for details and to order it. Unfamiliar with FRS? Click this link to get a
FREE 7-day sample, and right here to see why HG loves the stuff so much!
(So many clicks, so little time!)


Free Stuff for HGers! - Yay! More people love us! Our pals at Heavenly Diet
Store (the best place on the web for all things diet-friendly) are giving HG
subscribers a special gift. Order pretty much ANYTHING at all from their site
(it just needs to total 10 bucks including shipping!) and you'll get a $10.00
snack pack (featuring O'Coco's snacks, bars from Balance, Luna and
CocoaVia, soy jerky, Crum Creek soy nut trail mix and Sensible Portions soy
crisps) - FOR FREE! Free stuff rocks! IMPORTANT! YOU MUST PUT "HUNGRY


The Buzz...

Growing in popularity faster than any fruit in history, pomegranates are
taking over the world. Ok, that may be an exaggeration, but since 2003, 961
products featuring the ruby-seeded fruit have launched. Antioxidants are
responsible for their sudden surge in popularity. Craziness! ***Soon you
may be able to skip your multivitamin and guzzle a can of Diet Coke
instead. Rumor has it, The Coca-Cola Company is working on Diet Coke
Plus, a version of the fizzy beverage jammed with vitamins and minerals. It's
an artificial-ingredient-packed vitamin-infused party in a can...Woohoo! Look
for it this spring. ***Have you seen the new chocolate-covered Altoids yet?
People are OBSESSED with these things. You can eat 2 of 'em for just 15
calories, and they actually contain a satisfying amount of chocolate. Really --
they do! That's all we've got. HG out!


Today, December 18th, is National Roast Suckling Pig Day. Celebrate with
some Gardenburger Riblets instead!

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