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Hungry Girl Today: 01.22.07


Spotted on Shelves...

Fizzy Fruit - Whether you have a kid that won't eat enough fruit, or you're
just looking for a new way to add some zazzle to your own fruit snacking,
these carbonated fruit snacks may excite you. They're cups of grapes,
apples or pineapples with added fun 'n bubbles but no added sugar! Find 'em
NOW at select Wal-Mart, 7-Eleven stores and even some school cafeterias.
They'll be available coast to coast by spring.


Fiber One Chewy Bars - Though we can't find references to them ANYWHERE
and haven't been able to locate these on OUR supermarket shelves, emails
have been POURING in about the new Fiber One snack bars. We hear they
have 140 calories and 9 grams of fiber each and TOTALLY ROCK. Of course,
we've yet to taste them, which makes us very sad.

Snyder's of Hanover MultiGrain Snacks - If you're looking for a new and
delicious way to crunch on some more whole grains, check out Snyder's of
Hanover's new line of MultiGrain snacks, with pretzels, sunflower chips,
cheese snacks and tortilla chips. There are 13 varieties in all and they
contain up to 20 grams of whole grain per serving and 0 grams of trans fat.
Heads up! These are NOT reduced calorie snacks, so be careful not to go
overboard with them.


Fun Stuff to Do...Woohoo!

Create Jelly Belly Recipes & Win! - Jelly Belly is looking for some GREAT new
jelly bean recipes to add to their insanely creative list that already includes
Banana Split and Blueberry Muffin. You know the drill -- combine two or
more famous Jelly Belly flavors to create a teeny tiny new dessert. Their
contest launches at 3pm (PT) TODAY, so check it out! You can win $10,000 or
another one of the 100,000 other prizes up for grabs! (Pssst... J Bellys have
4 calories per bean.)


American Idol Update - Voting for the actual contestants may not have
started yet, but you can cast your ballot for which AI Slow Churned Light Ice
Cream flavor you want added to the Dreyer's/Edy's permanent line-up.
There are five flavors to choose from, but you MUST vote for Take the Cake.
You MUST. Just DO IT! (How's that for abusing our power?!)


Will It Blend? - If you're dying for a fancy schmancy high-speed blender to
make smoothies 'n shakes, check out Blendtec's Total Blender. If you doubt
this thing can chop ice to perfection, just see what it can do to iPods, Coke
cans, golf clubs and lightbulbs. You have to see it to believe it, so CLICK


Book Finds:

Snack Attack! - Here are over 150 snack recipes for healthy munching! You'll
find everything from Hawaiian Meatballs and Teriyaki Chicken Bites to
Popcorn Crunch and Con Queso Bean Dip...brought to us by the American
Diabetes Association and author Ruth Glick.

The Diet Detective's Count Down - If the idea of seeing 7,500 foods and what
you'd need to do to burn them off excites you, you'll be giddy over this one,
people. Warning: Unless you weigh exactly 155 lbs., you'll have to do a little
math to figure out how you fit into the equation. That being said, this book is
still fun to flip through. This one comes to us from public health advocate
Charles Stuart Platkin.

The Reverse Diet - We've been hearing a lot about this backwards eating
trend. No, it has nothing to do with turning around and not facing your plate
(which could actually help reduce your calorie intake); it's got to do with
eating smaller meals as the day goes on. This book is also packed with food
lists, meal plans and prep tips. Good stuff! From authors Tricia Cunningham
and Heidi Skolnick.

For links to these books, please go to:

The Buzz...

A new German study suggests that drinking your tea with milk could destroy
its health benefits. The polyphenols found in tea are believed to help arteries
relax and create smoother blood flow, but the casein proteins found in milk
may actually prevent that. ***While we're on the subject of caffeine-y
beverages, another new study has found that drinking the equivalent of two
cups of coffee before a workout may actually decrease post-workout muscle
soreness. They do, however, say this works much better on people who
DON'T regularly consume a lot of caffeine. ***Apple Juice Alert! Cloudier
apple juice, though not as beautiful as the clear stuff, likely packs more of an
antioxidant punch than the clear stuff. That's all we've got. HG out!


**Yes, it's true. We had a completely HUMILIATING typo in last Friday's
email. We used the word "weather" instead of "whether." Of course we know
the difference. Every now and then a typo squeaks by (grrrrrr). But thank
you for the dozens of emails -- it's good to see that you guys are reading
and paying close attention.

January is Fiber Focus Month, so start whipping up some of HG's fiber-packed


HG CONGRATS! A big fat congratulations goes out to Maggie & Rochelle, the
winners of our 200,000th subscriber contest. They've each won a year's
supply of VitaTops from our pals at Vitalicious. Thanks SO MUCH to everyone
who has taken the time to spread the word about Hungry Girl. YOU ROCK!

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