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Hungry Girl Today: 02.09.07


It's National Potato Lover's Month, and HG is here to help you celebrate...

Potato 411...

* Potatoes have only about 20 calories an ounce. But weigh yours carefully
and know the facts before jumping in!

* Your average 5-ounce potato contains around 3 grams of fiber. Not bad!

* Potatoes eaten with the skin provide nearly half of the daily recommended
allowance of vitamin C and are one of the best sources of potassium and

Here are some of HG's favorite ways to attack a potato!

Easy Bake - Baking potatoes in the oven is fine, but here's a nuking tip for
those of us who are in more of a rush. After scrubbing your potato clean,
pierce it a few times with a fork. Then microwave it (covered) for 5 minutes
and turn over. Microwave for an additional 3 - 5 minutes (depending on the
potato size). Allow to cool, then slice open and top with guilt-free fillers like
salsa, chives, steamed veggies (like broccoli and mushrooms), fat-free sour
cream, light cheese, imitation bacon bits, light butter or butter spray, and
even low-cal chili!

Crispy Wedges & Fries - Making homemade guilt-free fries is a snap! Simply
preheat your oven to 350 and clean potatoes thoroughly. Next, slice 'em up --
make skinny shoestrings, thick wedges -- the choice is yours! Mist potatoes
with nonstick spray and season to taste with salt, pepper, and other spices
like chili powder, garlic salt, and paprika (we love a little cinnamon on sweet
potato fries!). Place potato pieces in a baking dish sprayed with nonstick
spray and cook for 20 - 40 minutes, until insides are cooked thoroughly.
Serve with ketchup, light BBQ sauce, or a little low-cal honey mustard

Do the Mashed Potatoes - If creamy and fluffy is how you take your mashies
(yeah, that's our pet name for 'em), try this: Just skin some spuds and cut
into chunks. Boil stovetop until tender. Drain water, mash chunks and slowly
add in a little heated skim milk and some fat-free sour cream (or plain nonfat
yogurt) until desired consistency is reached. HG Tip: A little fat-free cream
cheese will add creaminess and cheesiness in one fell swoop! Season to taste
with salt and pepper. Also, for some buttery or cheesy flavor that'll keep
your spud dish guilt-free, try adding some Molly McButter fat-free flavor
sprinkles (a serving has just 5 calories!).

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Stuffed Shells - Bake up a potato then scoop out most of the insides. Fill it
with a mix of seasoned veggies (steamed, baked or grilled with nonstick
spray) and low-cal tomato sauce or salsa. You'll feel like you're devouring a
giant stuffed potato, but it'll be super-low in calories and starchy carbs!

Fun Potato Finds!

Genisoy Soytato Chips
(26 chips: 120 calories, 3g fat, 210 - 250mg sodium, 15 - 16g carbs, 2g fiber,
0 - 2g sugars, 7 - 8g protein = 2 Points)

These chips from Genisoy are textured and crammed with tons of potato
flavor. In Barbeque, Sour Cream & Onion, and Lightly Salted, they're an
awesome p-chip swap. Made from soy protein AND potato starch, these are
the perfect hybrid snack! They're crispy (not airy like soy crisps) without
being greasy (like regular chips), and you get to chew 26 of these cute lil'
suckers for a mere 120 calories! Chip Chip HOORAY!


Smart Ones Broccoli & Cheddar Roasted Potatoes
(1 entree: 220 calories, 6g fat, 480mg sodium, 34g carbs, 5g fiber, 3g
sugars, 9g protein = 4 Points)

Seasoned potatoes topped with tasty broccoli bites and drowned in rich
cheese sauce?!? Sign us up! This freezer find from Smart Ones is a perfect
potato product for those times when you want a hot potato fix PRONTO. Just
pop it in the microwave for a few, and you're good to go!

Health Valley Organic Potato Leek Soup
(1 cup: 80 calories, 2g fat, 480mg sodium, 15g carbs, 3g fiber, 5g sugars, 3g
protein = 1 Point)

As seasoned soupies (meaning we're experienced, not highly flavored!), we
were skeptical when we saw the super-low nutritionals for this soup. But this
soup is thick, creamy and oozing with flavor! And sodium-counters can
rejoice because this sensational soup is also available in a no-salt-added
version. Yippee!


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carbers, you know...


February is National Grapefruit Month. Some experts insist that this fruit can
actually help burn fat. Go, grapefruit!

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