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Hungry Girl Today: 04.18.07


Hey, HG!

How can I make an HG-friendly version of Taco Bell's MexiMelt at home?

MexiMelt Me

Dear MexiMelt Me,

I have to admit, I've enjoyed a MexiMelt or two in the past (it happens).
They're pretty tasty -- with all the gooey melted cheese, meat and salsa --
yum! But one of those teeny things at The Bell will cost you 290 calories and
16 grams of fat! Hello?! It may taste good, but one of those itty-bitty things
won't fill up your big toe. And with almost 300 calories and so much fat, it
falls into the not-worth-it category. That being said, if there was a way to
make one of these delicious creatures at home for about half the calories
and a fraction of the fat, would it be worth trying? I say yes! And I HAVE in
fact made my own version of the MexiMelt at home. Here's how you do it.
Start with a small, low-calorie, low-fat flour tortilla (look for one with around
80 calories or less). Spoon a couple of tablespoons of cooked soy crumbles
(my pick is Boca's version -- it's great!) into the tortilla, and then add a
spoonful of salsa (either jarred or a homemade version -- just some chopped
tomatoes, onions and cilantro). Add some fat-free cheese (I like to use two
kinds -- maybe a small handful of FF shredded cheddar and a half slice of FF
American cheese), and then fold and melt however you see fit (in the
microwave or stovetop in a pan). Your cute little Mexican creation will have
about 150 calories or so -- and hardly any fat at all. It's a great little snack --
or feel free to eat a few of these with some salad as a meal. AWE-SOME!

Hungry G,

I have a question about the nutritional value of those chicken and broccoli
dishes that you get at Chinese restaurants. I have seen it listed in many
places as 2 (WW) Points per cup, but I thought that was only if it's steamed
with no sauce. I know many people who order it straight off the menu with
the sauce already on it, and only count it as 2 Points a cup. Is this legit?

Baffled by Broccoli 'n Chicken

Dear Baffled,

You are correct, my friend. And sadly, your pals who count chicken and
broccoli with sauce as 2 Points per cup are likely taking in more Points (and
calories) than they're willing to admit. Here's the deal. Chinese food is
typically cooked in tons of oil and drowned in calorie-packed sauces. And
broccoli trees are really good at sucking up and holding onto oil and fatty
sauces. Eeeks (stupid trees)! Your best bet is always to order Chinese dishes
steamed with the sauce on the side -- try to go for a low-oil brown sauce or
some soy sauce and then dip, don't pour, it on. You can save soooo many
calories and fat grams that way. For more HG Chinese food survival tips,
click here.


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Yesterday was National Cheeseball Day. Yeah, we let that one go by without
acknowledging it.

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