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Hungry Girl Today: 05.03.07


We've chewed, crunched, slurped and sipped the very latest, and now we're
ready to tell all...

South Beach Diet Chicken Salad Kits - Santa Fe Style and Cranberry Walnut
(1 package: 240 - 290 calories, 6 - 13g fat, 800 - 850mg sodium, 24 - 25g
carbs, 6 - 7g fiber, 1 - 5g sugars, 24 - 29g protein = 5 - 6 Points)

At first we thought these were just-add-lettuce kits to build your own salads.
They aren't. They're more like modern-day Lunchables for adult women
(men can eat them, too, but they're sorta girly). These each come with
chopped chicken, a sauce or condiment and other items to mix the chicken
with, little pita chips, and a snack-sized Jell-O dessert. They're actually pretty
cute. You can mix up a Southwest chickenfest or whip up a chunky chicken
salad with walnuts and dried cranberries. Pretty fun stuff! The Santa Fe one
has 240 calories and 6 grams of fat, and the Cranberry Walnut has 290 cals
and 13g of fat, which isn't bad -- but it's not really enough food to be
considered a filling meal. You may want to round it out with a veggie side of
some sort. As for the taste? We prefer the chicken in the Cranberry Walnut
to the chicken in the Santa Fe Style. And we like the regular, wheat pita chips
(also from the Cranberry Walnut) more than we like the chipotle-lime ones
that come with the Santa Fe version. But the Santa Fe also has 50 fewer
calories and less than half the fat -- so it's really a toss up as to which kit we
like better. In any case, they're pretty fun and they don't taste bad, either.

Overall score: 7.5. Clever, creative and convenient.

Sensible Portions Multi Grain Crisps
(1 ounce: 120 calories, 1.5g fat, 100 - 160mg sodium, 14g carbs, 3 - 4g
fiber, 1 - 3g sugars, 2 - 3g protein = 2 Points)

Holy moly -- with all the new chips that keep hitting shelves, something has
got to be pretty insanely AWESOME to excite us as much as these crisps do.
Sure it's a little ironic that a company called "Sensible Portions" decided to
cram 1.3 servings into each bag (remember to do the math, but the calories
are still pretty low if you eat the whole thing), but that doesn't affect how
incredibly good these crisps (made of corn, brown rice and oats) are. The
two flavors you need to concern yourself with immediately are the Apple
Cinnamon (tastes like fried dough or very buttery cinnamon toast, with a hint
of apple) and the Cheddar (which, oddly, tastes like a cross between Cheez
Doodles and pancakes). The other two flavors (Sea Salt and Tomato Basil)
are ok, but not nearly as good as those two. Order them asap -- and if
you're not jumping out of your skin with excitement once you try 'em, we'll
be shocked.

Overall score: 9.5. This is crispy crunchtasticness at its finest!


Jell-O Fruit Passions
(1 snack: 60 - 80 calories, 0g fat, 40 - 55mg sodium, 13 - 18g carbs, <1g
fiber, 10 - 15g sugars, 2g protein = 1 - 2 Points)

Fruit and Jell-O?! Sounds like something that would have excited your dieting
grandmother decades ago, right? Are we seriously supposed to get excited
about this? Well guess what, people? You SHOULD get excited about Jell-O
Fruit Passions. These cool 'n fruity snacks are PERFECT for summer, and
they have only 60 - 80 calories per hefty 6-oz. serving. The concept is
simple: Mix fruity Jell-O flavors with various and sundry fruits for a portable
and yummy low-calorie snack. Gorgeous! The Tropical Fruit N' Peaches is the
best flavor, but they come in a whole slew of other varieties so take your
pick. Honestly, we never expected something so dull to be so exciting.

Overall score: 8. We dig 'em!

Minute Maid Fruit Falls
(1 pouch: 5 calories, 0g fat, 15mg sodium, 2g carbs, fiber n.a., <1g sugars,
0g protein = 0 Points)

If you're an avid HG reader you know we're pretty tired of all the so-
called "flavored waters" that are out now (zzzzzzzz). With the exception of a
few (Hint Water, Tropicana Fruit Squeeze, etc.), we're not huge fans. We
decided to give Fruit Falls a try anyway. Why? Because it looked and
sounded fun -- and we were tipped off by a devoted fan of the stuff. And
anytime you get to drink something sweet and fruity from a pouch that you
stab with a straw, it's a fun time. We're happy to report that Fruit Falls
ROCKS! It comes in two flavors -- Berry and Tropical -- and while both are
good, the Tropical is WAY better. The best part is that these super-sweet and
delicious drinks have just five calories each. We know they're marketed to
kids, but who cares (not us); we're obsessed with them!

Overall score: 9. We LOVE them (even though the straws are pretty
ineffective at puncturing the pouches).

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