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Hungry Girl Today: 05.18.07


Here are HG's picks for the latest & greatest breakout foods (and no, they
won't cause pimples -- they're BREAKOUT foods because we love 'em!).

(1 tin: 140 calories, 11 - 12g fat, 0mg sodium, 12 - 14g carbs, 3 - 4g fiber, 6 -
10g sugars, 2g protein = 3 Points)

Wow these things are good -- teeny pieces of cacao (the bean that chocolate
is made from) coated in dark chocolate. Even if you're not a fan of dark
chocolate, you'll likely fall head over heels in love with these crazy-cute
snacks. They come in Flavor 50 (cacao nips dunked in 50% dark chocolate),
Flavor 65 (cacao nips dunked in 65% dark chocolate) and Flavor 70 (cacao
nips dunked in 70% dark chocolate w/espresso). These little dipped beans
are intense, sweet and can satisfy a chocolate craving STAT. One of our
favorite things about 'em is the super-cute tins they come in. And the fact
that you can eat the whole tin for just 140 calories doesn't hurt either. But
the truth is, these are so satisfying that you really won't need or want to
finish all of 'em in one sitting, so they actually end up lasting a pretty long
time. We think this is one of the best chocolate finds EVER. Find Sweetriot at
specialty markets, natural foods stores and online at

LesserEvil Krinkle Sticks, Classic SeaSalt
(1 cup: 110 calories, 2.5g fat, 280mg sodium, 20g carbs, 2g fiber, 0g sugars,
2g protein = 2 Points)

We're freaks for french fries, and we often look for baked, potato-y snacks
to help satisfy our cravings for the things. We really hit the jackpot when we
discovered LesserEvil's Krinkle Sticks. Words alone cannot describe our love
of these crunchy treats (we would need to squeal and do some sort of
interpretive dance to fully convey our sentiments). Imagine taking the most
PERFECT crinkle-cut diner french fry, adding just the right amount of salt to
it, and then baking it until ALL of the greasiness went away and all that was
left was a delicious, light, airy version of its former self. That's EXACTLY what
these things are like. With 75% less fat than potato chips and no trans-fatty
acids (plus 2g of fiber in every serving), these are also a snack you can feel
pretty good about nibbling on. We actually like to dip 'em in ketchup, making
them taste even MORE like fries. In fact, we have been BEGGING the
LesserEvil guys to make a "Fries 'n Ketchup" flavor (they already have BBQ,
cajun, and sour cream & onion ones). Wanna help us (there's strength in
numbers, people!)? Click here and send them a note demanding that they
create a ketchupy flavor ASAP! If you have a hard time locating these at
stores, you can buy 'em online.


Everybody's Nuts! California Pistachios, Roasted & Salted
(1/2 cup: 170 calories, 14g fat, 160mg sodium, 8g carbs, 3g fiber, 2g sugars,
6g protein = 4 Points)

There is absolutely NOTHING we don't LOVE about Everybody's Nuts!
pistachios. Sure their nuts are, as promised, big and open (two HUGE plusses
for irritating is it to get a CLOSED one?!). And they taste
fantastic (as pistachios often do). But the entire look and feel of the
Everybody's Nuts! brand and packaging is what really gets us. Their logo is
ADORABLE and friendly. Their "mascot", a googly-eyed pistachio with a
permanent smile, is insanely cute and lovable. All of the copy on the box
(and in the surprise little insert found inside) is really fun and funny. Even the
box is cool!!! Their unique promise is that you will never ever find a closed
nut inside their boxes. If, on the off chance, you do, they'll send you a brand-
new box of nuts for free! Kind of makes you want to scour their packages in
search of closed nuts, doesn't it? Don't waste your time. You won't find any.
Find these at select markets and specialty stores. For more info, click here.


Eggology On-the-Go 100% Egg Whites
(one 4-oz. cup: 60 calories, 0g fat, 200mg sodium, 1g carbs, 0g fiber, 1g
sugars, 13g protein = 1 Point)

We don't want to get all boring on you, but we really, really, really enjoy
eating egg whites. We like 'em hard-boiled, scrambled, and we like to make
omelettes out of them, too. But it's not always easy for people to get their
hands on egg whites. What we mean is, if you have the time to whip out your
pan at home in the AM, you can ALWAYS find a way to scramble up
something healthy. But when you order egg whites from a restaurant ('cuz
you're in a rush or don't feel like dealing with cooking or cleaning up) there's
a very good chance they'll be prepared with lots of butter or oil (no matter
how many times or how politely you ask them not to do this). That's why we
are now obsessing over these Eggology On-the-Go cups. All you need to do
is pop one of these suckers in the microwave and in about 90 seconds you'll
have a cute, puffy cup filled to the brim with yummy egg whites! We like to
melt a little fat-free or low-fat cheese on 'em but they're great as is -- and
they could NOT be easier to carry and store. Find Eggology at select


Chew on This:
May 19th is National Devil's Food Cake Day. Celebrate with some devilishly
good Yum Yum Brownie Muffins! Yay!

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