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Hungry Girl Today: 06.12.07


Starbucks Orange Crème Frappuccino Light Blended Crème

Crème Puff!
If you're in the market for a drinkable Creamsicle (or a "50/50 bar", as
people in the South call 'em), then read closely, because we're about to
make your day. The Starbucks folks have outdone themselves with their
new, limited-edition Orange Crème Frappuccino Light Blended Crème. This
blended frozen beverage is a delicious treat with a PERFECT amount of
orange (not overpowering) and an even MORE perfect amount of "crème"
(which we think tastes like vanilla). And this drink's stats are as exciting as
its taste. Order the Tall (12 ounces), and it'll cost you just 110 calories (2
Points). A Grande clocks in at 140 and is HUUUUGE (we actually ordered this
size by mistake and could barely finish it). And here are some helpful hints
regarding this new chilled orange bev: 1. Remember to stress the word
LIGHT. If you order the regular one (which is actually more popular), it will
have WAY more calories and will be packing fat. 2. Don't ruin a good thing by
adding whipped cream to it. Splurge on that stuff, and you'll add around 100
calories and 9 grams of fat to your Frap (um, ludicrous). 3. Consider
ordering it a tad less sweet (by requesting less of the Light Frappuccino base,
or simply less orange syrup). It may even taste better that way, and you'll
save a few calories as well. There you have it. Now head on over to
Starbucks and start sippin'!

Serving Size: 1 Grande (16 oz.)
Calories: 140
Fat: 0g
Sodium: 160mg
Carbs: 32g
Fiber: 1g
Sugars: 26g
Protein: 7g

*3 Points!

Carl's Jr. OrangeSicle Hand-Scooped Ice Cream Shake

Shake Mistake
The Carl's Jr. peeps are still going on and on about their "hand-scooped"
shakes and malts. And we still don't get it. As far as we're concerned, shakes
taste good whether the ice cream was hand-scooped, pumped from a
machine, or purchased at a supermarket by a trained chimp. Are we alone
here, people?! But wait -- don't answer that because it's not even important.
What matters is this: The new Carl's Jr. OrangeSicle Hand-Scooped Ice
Cream Shake has 700 calories and 33 grams of fat! Perhaps a better name
for it would be the FatSicle Hand-Scooped Ice Cream Shake (CalorieSicle
has too many syllables)! And by the way, if you make a mistake and order
the MALT version of this "drink", that'll add 70 EXTRA calories to the frozen
nightmare. Sooooo... Let's break this down. You can have FIVE Starbucks
Orange Crème Frappuccino Light Blended Crèmes for the SAME amount of
calories as ONE OrangeSicle shake from Carl's Jr. OK, our work here is

Serving Size: 1 Shake (approx. 14 oz.)
Calories: 700
Fat: 33g
Sodium: 240mg
Carbs: 84g
Fiber: 0g
Sugars: 75g
Protein: 14g

*17 Points!

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town. Yum!


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