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Hungry Girl Today: 08.03.07


WARNING: These are dumb dieting mistakes. Do NOT make them...

Drinking Your Calories...

It's easy to ignore the fact that many beverages are fat-filled and calorie-
packed. Do you really want to spend 500 calories on a smoothie, or an
insane 670 calories on a Starbucks Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino
Blended Crème? Even fruit juice has 100 - 150 calories per cup. We prefer to
spend our calories on things that we can CHEW (chewing is fun). Besides,
there are tons of guilt-free coffee drinks, sodas, juices, smoothies & shakes,
hot chocolate, etc. So don't waste calories on drinks -- swap the high-cal
versions for their guilt-free replacements, and sip to your heart's content!


Not Eating Breakfast...

Think you're doing yourself a favor by not eating breakfast? Think again.
Studies show that breakfast-skippers actually take in MORE calories by the
end of the day than people who have a morning meal. Why? When you
bypass breakfast, you end up so hungry that by the time you finally do eat,
you're likely to eat too much. And, when you let yourself get that ravenous,
you're more likely to grab whatever is convenient (which is often processed,
high-cal, high-fat foods) than to look for something healthy. Now if that isn’t
enough to convince you to eat that first meal, check this out: At night, your
metabolism naturally slows down while you sleep, but it doesn’t rev back up
again UNTIL you eat. Skip your morning meal, and your metabolism will
remain at slow speed to conserve calories! Bottom line? ALWAYS EAT

Falling For Food Fakers...

Trail mix, dried fruit, granola... they all sound like diet-friendly treats, right?
WRONG! These, and other food fakers, have wrecked many a diet. They may
be healthy, but for people who count calories and fat, the stats in these add
up WAY too quickly. That's why you absolutely NEED to check food labels
before putting anything in your mouth. If you look at the nutritionals on that
bag of trail mix, you'll see that 1 cup packs in around 700 calories, 45 grams
of fat, and 67 carbs. Yikes!

Not Counting Condiments...

Unfortunately, what you put ON your food is just as important as what's IN
your food. Topping your sandwich with a spoonful of mayo will cost you
about 100 calories and 11 grams of fat. The good news is that there are tons
of diet-friendly condiments that can perk up your food. Salsas, mustards,
Dijonnaise, ketchup and fat-free versions of sour cream, mayo and other
spreads are all guilt-free and delicious condiment choices. Just remember not
to kid yourself into thinking that CONDIMENTS DON'T COUNT. They SO do.


Thinking All Salads Are Healthy...

Salads = healthy, right? Uhhhh, not necessarily. Depending on what you toss
on top of that salad (or in some cases, what the thing is served in), you could
be better off eating a burger, or even pizza. For example, Taco Bell's Fiesta
Taco Salad contains 840 calories and 45g fat (BTW, that's almost the same
as eating FIVE crunchy tacos). But wait -- that doesn't mean you should ditch
the greens (or order 5 tacos, for that matter). Just be sure to order or build
your salads carefully. Avoid eggs, regular (meaning fat-packed) cheese,
fried noodles, fatty meats, sour cream, guacamole, and full-fat dressings.
Instead, bulk your salad up with fat-free or reduced-fat cheeses (RF grated
parmesan and FF or RF feta crumbles ROCK!), beans (garbanzo, kidney,
black beans, etc.), peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, lean meats, tuna (packed
in water) and low-cal salad dressings. Don't be like those people who insist
they're "watching their weight" as they chomp down a grilled chicken caesar
topped with croutons and 300-calorie dressing!

Not Reading Labels Carefully...

We cannot stress enough the importance of paying attention to food labels.
Quite often, a package that APPEARS to contain a single serving of
something actually contains several servings. You need to pay CLOSE
attention to the "servings per container" and multiply all of the nutritional info
by that number. This will help you to accurately assess what you're taking in.
Yes, that tiny bag of chips has TWO servings -- so DOUBLE THOSE

August 3rd is National Watermelon Day. It may be 92% water, but this fruit
is an excellent source of vitamin C and a very good source of vitamin A. Yay!

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