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Hungry Girl Today: 08.24.07


Ready for the latest and greatest go-to gadgets? From an electric exercise
chair to a fat-removing food contraption... it's all here!

Swimmingly Cool

Swimming burns TONS of calories (about 500 per hour for a 150-lb. woman).
And now, thanks to the affordable, easy-to-use creation that is the
HomeSwimmer, you can turn your pool into a "lap pool" in less than three
minutes! It’s designed to adapt to in-ground pools, above-ground pools,
indoor pools and outdoor pools. Heck, it ALMOST works in a bathtub (ok,
maybe we got carried away there). Basically, you tie yourself to the side of
the pool and swim it up, but without actually going anywhere. It's VERY cool
if you are limited to a small swimming space but want the full benefits of a
lap pool. It's also lightweight and portable, and it requires no tools at all,
making it perfect for squeezing in workouts at hotels and such. Check it out --
before the summer ends!



The Hula Chair is certainly unconventional and goofy, but some experts say
it's actually good for you. Combining technology with ancient traditional
Chinese medicine, this rotating-seat machine promises to "improve your
balance and coordination as it gently aligns your spine and improves blood
circulation." It also works your abs and midsection. It basically "hulas" your
hips for you, and all you have to do is sit there, try not to fall off, and maybe
watch a little TV. Fun!!!


Grill Talk

Our Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick Square Grill Pan has become the MVP
of the HG kitchen. You name it -- we’ve "grilled" it! Hot dogs, kabobs,
seafood, burgers... yup! There's nothing we don't love about it. Cooking with
this thing is WAY faster and easier than using an outdoor grill. It's easy to
clean, and it'll grill fancy little lines into your food, too. An added bonus? It'll
last you a lifetime -- in fact, it's guaranteed to! Weeeee!



Anything that has the words “fat separator” in the title automatically gets us
all giddy (and if that makes us weird, so be it)! This particular item by OXO
Good Grips (officially dubbed the Fat Separator) frees your gravy of all the
yucky fat! Just pour the gravy through the strainer (which even catches
those pesky little bits), and watch the fat gravitate to the top of the cup,
while the good stuff settles to the bottom. The stopper prevents that horrible
fat from entering the spout. Once the gravy has settled, remove the strainer
and the stopper and pour out the great gravy. As if all that wasn't enough,
this thing also acts as a measuring cup. Yay!



August 26th is National Cherry Popsicle Day. Whoop it up with a giant, 80-
calorie FrozFruit Superfruit Pomegranate Cherry bar from Blue Bunny.


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