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Hungry Girl Today: 10.15.07


Spotted on Shelves...

Malt-O-Meal 100 Calorie Cereal Snack'ers - We've heard from LOTS of happy

campers who dig these 100-calorie pouches of cereal, which come in three

varieties -- Cinnamon Toasters, Blueberry Muffin Tops and Coco-Roos. Pour

some Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze on top, or pop 'em straight.


Silk Plus For Bone Health - Worrying about keeping your bones strong?

Check out the latest soymilk from Silk -- it has 30% more calcium than

regular milk, and it also contains NutraFlora (natural prebiotic fiber that helps

you absorb that calcium). Each cup has 100 calories, 3.5g fat, 2g fiber, and

40% the RDA of calcium.

Birds Eye Steamfresh Singles - You love the ginormous bags, now love the

mini single-serving versions. These portion-controlled packs of the steam-

tastic veggies come in Super Sweet Corn, Baby Brussels Sprouts, and Sweet

Peas. Yay!

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Do Healthy Restaurants Make You Eat More?!

A brand-new study published in the Journal of Consumer Research found that

people may actually consume MORE calories at so-called "healthy"

restaurants (or when choosing "healthy" entrees) than they do at other

places. How can this be? It seems many of these places prompt customers to

indulge with side dishes, drinks and/or desserts. In addition, that same study

found that people underestimate how many calories they are eating at

these "healthy" dining spots by around 35%! That's HUGE! Brian Wansink,

one of the head honchos behind the study and author of Mindless Eating, has

discovered other interesting things about our eating habits. He says people

tend to eat more when in the following situations: a. they're served food

family style (with large bowls in the center of the table), b. they're eating

straight from the bag or carton, c. they're eating their meals on large plates,

and d. they're dining in front of the TV, in a car, or with friends. Interesting

stuff, though none of it is very surprising to us...

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Cool Stuff!!!

Aura Clip'n'Go Gum & Mints - Never lose your gum and/or mints again. Just

clip 'em to your keychain! With these sugar-free clip-tastic treats, you're

pretty much GUARANTEED to have fresh breath -- whenever, wherever. Find

these at drugstores nationwide. Keep an eye out for the special limited-

edition pink ones this month. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the

National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Sushi Adhesive Bandages - We love sushi so much it hurts. It doesn't hurt us

so much that we need to be bandaged or anything, but if it ever DID, we'd

reach for these Sushi Adhesive Bandages. That way we'd show the world just

how much we LOVE fish on rice (brown rice, when possible). Want your boo

boo to feel better faster? Slap a bandage that features some yellowtail,

shrimp and tuna sushi on it. Weeeee!

Insulated Ice Cream Bowl - We don't know about you, but we are NOT slow

ice cream eaters. We gobble the stuff. But, if there are any of you out there

who like to take your sweet time when enjoying frozen dessert, you may

want to hook yourself up with this insulated ice cream bowl. It keeps your ice

cream cold and your hands warm. Woohoo!

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The HG Buzz...

Hey! There's lots of exciting HG news this week, so we're devoting our entire

BUZZ section to Hungry Girl! For starters, it's a super-exciting day here.

We're proud to be unveiling the official HG GushyGram! GushyGrams are

insanely entertaining (and FREE!) animated greetings you send to people.

And until now, the best part WAS the fact that you can pop the heads of you

and your friends right into your animated card. NOW the best part is...


their funny e-cards, but the HG one is the bestest. Click here to check it out

for yourself! ***Wanna see HG's Lisa on TV? Tune in TOMORROW, Tuesday

the 16th, to catch her on a slew of morning news shows, giving tips on how

to snack "better" at the office. Click here for the stations and times -- then

remember to watch! ***Want MORE from HG? Don't forget to check us out

on Yahoo! (new content weekly), in issues of People StyleWatch, and

Sundays in the NY Daily News. And of course, there's the HG cookbook,

coming in May from St. Martin's Press. ***One more thing... we've got a

freakishly great Vitalicious Halloween special coming up tomorrow (free

shipping). Don't miss it! Well, that's all we've got. HG out!

Get All MushyGushy... HG Style!

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Today, October 15th, is National Mushroom Day. Click here for HG's recipe

for AWESOME portabella skins. Yum!

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