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Hungry Girl Today: 10.25.07

Hey... It's National Greasy Foods Day. Check out what guilt-free (and grease-
free!) goodies HG is celebrating with...

Greasy Food Disaster #1 - French Fries

Everyone loves french fries. But not everyone is crazy about all the fat and
the oily mess that comes with 'em. Kick a craving for greasy FFs to the curb
with HG's Bake-tastic Butternut Squash Fries. For just 65 calories and no fat,
you'll be in french fry heaven!


Greasy Food Disaster #2 - Onion Rings

Onion rings have been making people feel bloated since the '20s. These
grease-tastic circles of fat 'n calories can easily be made lighter with a few
small changes. Bake instead of fry, and use HG's secret weapon -- Fiber
One "breadcrumbs". For all the details, check out our super-low-calorie Lord
of the Onion Rings -- they ROCK.


Greasy Food Disaster #3 - Meaty Pizza

Why waste a gazillion calories and fat grams on meat-covered pizza, when
you can whip up a thin crust version at home for just 260 calories and 5
grams of fat?! And (if you can believe it!) this one is even vegetarian-
friendly. Our "Meaty" Thin Crust Pizza is a great snack or light lunch. (Pssst...
even guys like it!)


Greasy Food Disaster #4 - Chili Dogs

Yeah, it's hard to believe there's a way to enjoy a chili dog (with bread and
chili and an actual hot dog!) for just 106 calories, but it most certainly is true.
Our Hot Diggity Chili Dogs are a fantastic way to celebrate Greasy Foods Day
(without any grease at all, of course).


Greasy Food Disaster #5 - Loaded Nachos

There are few foods as grease-ridden as a plate of nachos with the works.
Tortilla chips... chili... cheese sauce... yikes! Do NOT order this at a Mexican
restaurant or a bar -- just make a batch at home. Our Gooey Chili Cheese
Nachos have just 260 calories and 4.5g fat for a generous serving. So worth


Today, October 25th, may be National Greasy Foods Day, but remember, it's
still National Apple Month. So celebrate with a big fat Fuji!

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