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Hungry Girl Today: 11.07.07


Dear Hungry Girl,

Do you know the calorie count and POINTS® value of the Costco frozen
yogurt? I can't find that info anywhere. They sell this soft-serve frozen
yogurt in chocolate, vanilla and swirl (where you can buy hot dogs, pizza by
the slice, etc.). Also, what do you think of Pinkberry? I'm dying to know!!!

Fro Yo 911

Dear Fro Yo 911,

Though Costco doesn't publicize their nutritionals, there are several sources
that list that frozen yogurt as having 20 - 25 calories per ounce and 0g of fat
per serving. That means a 4-oz. serving of it would contain 80 - 100 fat-free
calories. The problem is that NO ONE serves 4 ounces of frozen yogurt these
days. Cups are typically larger and overflowing. We looked into it, and most
Costco locations only offer 1 serving size... 12 ounces! And remember, it
could be even more, depending on how much they swirl in there. If you stop
by that counter for a yogurt while you're shopping, you'll likely be served up
about 300 calories (POINTS® value 6*). So, you might want to consider
sharing with a friend. As for Pinkberry, I like it. For those of you who aren't
familiar with it, it's very trendy, sort of "retro" tasting frozen yogurt, with
many of its locations in Los Angeles and a few in NY. (FYI, Pinkberry just got
LOTS of funding from the founder of Starbucks, so you may be seeing these
yogurt shops in your town soon.) It's kind of sour and plain tasting, but
people are flipping over it. There are TONS of Pinkberry rip-offs these days,
too. These fat-free yogurts (as well as most nonfat soft-serve fro yos)
typically have about 20 - 25 calories an ounce as well. Assuming your server
sticks to the correct portion size, a small plain yogurt at Pinkberry has 98
calories (POINTS® value 2*), a medium has 154 (POINTS® value 3*), and a
large has 252 (POINTS® value 5*). Pinkberry's green tea flavored fro yo,
however, has only about 14 calories per ounce -- a small serving has just 70
calories (POINTS® value 1*), a medium has 110 (POINTS® value 2*), and a
large has 180 (POINTS® value 4*). Remember, those stats are BEFORE you
add any of the toppings they offer. It makes me laugh, though, because
these trendy new yogurts taste exactly like frozen yogurt did when it first
came out a zillion years ago. Back then everyone pretty much hated it and
demanded that instead of fro yo with a sour flavor, companies should make
frozen yogurt taste more like ice cream. As they say, everything old is new
again... BTW, eat your fro yo slowly -- brain freeze is HORRIBLE!


Dear Hungry Girl,

I am OBSESSED with bananas and banana recipes. What have you got for
me, HG?

Banana Baby

Dear Banana Baby,

Bananas are GREAT. I once read that they're the most popular fruit in
America and also in the entire world. Another source said mangos were #1 in
the world, though, so I'm not sure which is true. The good thing is, that
wasn't even part of your question, so who cares?! Back to what's important --
banana recipes. Here are some of my faves featured on HG...

Banana bread pudding, guilt-free FRIED bananas with frosting, and a banana
caramel smoothie?! So good!!!

A breezy banana drink with only 84 cals, a banana latte smoothie, AND a
banana soymilk shake? Yes!

A PB, banana and bacon b-fast fit for a KING!

Yum... Have fun getting all banana-ed up!

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