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Hungry Girl Today: 11.05.07

Angel Hair Tofu Shirataki Alert!!!

Whoa! Big news, people. House Foods, the people who brought us Tofu
Shirataki in Fettuccine and Spaghetti shapes, will officially unveil their brand-
new (and quite possibly their GREATEST) tofu noodle shape! If you read the
title of this story (and we assume you did because you NEVER skim HG,
right?), you know IT'S ANGEL HAIR!!! We've tried it, and we're in love. Why?
Because it's thinner than the other shapes, and therefore it tastes even more
like REGULAR pasta. Of course it has the same insane stats (the whole bag
has 40 calories, 1g fat and 4g fiber -- POINTS® value 0*). Only a select few
stores have Angel Hair Tofu Shirataki right now, but by the time
Thanksgiving rolls around, it'll be available pretty much EVERYWHERE the
other Tofu Shirataki shapes are sold. Now THAT'S something to be thankful
for! (Pssst... do NOT miss our official GUILT-FREE PASTA FOOD FIGHT
featuring these noodles -- this Thursday!)


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Seems like yesterday that we were nearing 300,000 subscribers, and now,
just a few short months later, we're inching closer and closer to the 350,000
mark. To celebrate, we decided to run an impromptu POP UP "Tell a Friend"
contest! All YOU need to do is tell as many people as you can about HG's
daily emails, and ask them to sign up and mention YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS in
the "How did you hear about HG?" section. Then WE'LL be scouring our
subscriber list for true fans who pop up frequently, and we'll be sending them
fun HG goodies. We're going to be giving away dozens of prizes like HG
keychains, pens, T-shirts -- even a few of those limited edition HG cooler
totes that sold out in a few hours (we have a few stashed away!). So tell
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General Foods International On The Go Coffee House Drink Mixes - These
handy, 60-calorie packets with 3 - 3.5g fat each (POINTS® value 1*) fit right
in your purse and come in Vanilla Latte, Hazelnut Cappuccino, and Café
Mocha. They turn a boring cup of water into a creamy coffee CLASSIC
instantly, complete with FOAM. Yum!

Healthy Choice Café Steamers - There are literally a DOZEN varieties of
these steamable frozen meals on shelves now -- everything from Cajun
Style Chicken & Shrimp to Grilled Whiskey Steak. For the most part, each of
these has 220 - 300 calories, 3 - 8g fat, and 3 - 5g fiber (POINTS® value of
4 - 6*) -- only the General Tso's Spicy Chicken has higher stats. Click here
to see all the varieties and the full nutritional info (including the specific
POINTS® values for each!).

Handi-Snacks Sugar Free Pudding - In Chocolate, Vanilla, and Creamy
Caramel, these 45 - 50 calorie, 1g of fat pudding cups (each with a POINTS®
value of 1*) just may give Jell-O's ones a run for their money, due to their
low calorie count (10 - 15 fewer cals than the Jell-O Sugar Free Pudding
Snacks). Find these in the shelf-stable pudding section, next to the cake
mixes and baking stuff.

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The Buzz...

Cute vitamin alert! If you like your vitamins cute and chewable (we do!),
check out this line from St. Hill Pharmaceutical featuring The Simpsons. The
sugar-free chewable vitamins come in several flavors and varieties -- there's
the standard daily multivitamin formula in Grape, Orange and Cherry-Berry;
Extra C Formula in Strawberry; Calcium Formula in Chocolate; and Berry
Squirts Omega 3 Formula (which we assume is berry-flavored!). There's also
the Germ Defense Effervescent Health Formula ones, which are sugar-free
fizzy tablets that you drop into water, in Fruit Punch. EeeexcellentÂ… ***A
recently published study shows that the rate at which your body burns fat
could be elevated if you break up your long cardio sessions. The researchers
think that breaking up a 60-minute treadmill workout into two 30-minute
ones (with a 20-minute break in between) causes you to burn more fat than
doing one super-long session. If it's true, THAT ROCKS! Wanna read more?
Click here! ***A study conducted by Newcastle University (in the UK)
suggests that organic fruits and vegetables can contain as much as 40%
more antioxidants than non-organic ones. For more on that, click here.
***Vitasoy holiday beverage time! Just a reminder that Vitasoy's super-
delicious holiday beverages (Holly Nog and Peppermint Chocolate) are hitting
shelves NOW. They have 120 - 140 calories and 2 - 4g fat per cup (POINTS®
value 3*), so we usually use just a few ounces of 'em to spike our coffee.
SOOO GOOOD! That's all we've got. HG out!

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Hey, it's National Fig Week! Not only do they taste good, but figs are also
high in fiber and contain lots of potassium. Get figgy with it!

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