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I really need your help. Thanksgiving was last week, and I ate WAY too

much. Now I'm having a super-tough time getting back on track, especially

with all the food that keeps popping up at the office. How can I stop myself

from completely derailing my good eating plan while at work? Got any tips?

Hungry Heidi

Dear Hungry Heidi,

I'm glad you emailed. I do have tips. Holiday season is probably the most

difficult time of the year to keep your eating in check. It's way too easy to

get knocked off track and fall into all the obvious traps. Every day, SOMEONE

at work brings in SOMETHING they baked. Or a basket of crackers, cheese,

and chocolates shows up out of the blue. Food will be EVERYWHERE -- count

on it. So in order to NOT eat everything in sight, you should prepare and arm

yourself for success. How? Here are some ideas. These are things I

personally do every year at holiday time, and they really help... I PROMISE.

1. Keep snacks in your office. If you keep your office stocked with delicious,

sensible options (Fiber One Chewy Bars, low-cal pudding snacks if you've got

a fridge, 100-calorie packs, etc.), you can indulge in something you like while

everyone else is stuffing their faces with gazillions of calories.

2. Think before you chew. Do NOT mindlessly grab things and start eating.

Really think about what it is you're about to gnaw on, and ask yourself if it's

worth it. And whatever you do, don't lose track of all those mini-handfuls --

you're much better off portioning out how much you intend to eat, so you

don't overdo it.

3. CANDY CANES!!! I've been using peppermint as a way to keep my

cravings in check for a long time, but now there are lots of studies that back

up this handy trick. Keep mini candy canes around (3 of 'em have just about

70 fat-free calories and a POINTS® value of 1*), and when those super-

fattening holiday snacks come your way, reach for one of those little red &

white striped treats -- your desire for the cookies, cake or chocolates will

likely subside. NOT KIDDING... TRY IT!

4. Drink lots of water. It keeps you feeling full. Sometimes your body only

thinks it's hungry, when really you're just dehydrated.

Need more tips? Check out these HG pieces on Yahoo! -- click here for how

to bounce back from Turkey Day, and here for office snacking solutions! Be

strong -- and good luck!!!

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Hungry Girl,

Sometimes I get emails from you that seem like ads. What gives? Are these

actual paid ads? How can I tell the difference between your editorial content

and advertising? Sorry if you have covered this before, but I'm a new


Wondering in Washington

Dear Wondering,

Even though I've answered this Q before, I like to go over it every now and

then, because it is super-important to me that all of the subscribers

understand the way Hungry Girl works and how important brand integrity is

to me. The content you see every day in the HG emails -- the products

featured in our News stories, Chew the Right Thing articles, Weekly Weigh-In

reviews, etc. -- is all editorial, and NONE of that is paid for. I name names

(instead of being vague or general) because I like some specific products

more than others, and I'd rather tell you which ones are good so that you

won't need to waste money on the bad ones. Hungry Girl DOES accept

advertising, but ONLY for foods and products I like and would (and

sometimes do) write about anyway. Believe me, I have turned down many

food companies who have wanted to buy ads on HG, because I didn't like

their products. When we do run ad campaigns, they appear in several forms -

- one is a separate dedicated email (that has the words "Side Dish" in the

title, and you'll never get more than one a week!), and there are also "Guilt-

Free Groceries", "Hungry For More...", "News You Can Use", and banner ads

within some of the daily emails. I try to keep all HG content -- whether it's

editorial or advertising -- fun, entertaining and useful. That's why the ads

often include coupons, specials, and/or recipes. My goal is to keep the

advertising as interesting and helpful as the editorial. Hope that clears up any

confusion. Have a great day!



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