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Hungry Girl Today: 3.03.08

Spotted on Shelves...

Morningstar Farms Veggie Cakes - In both Ginger Teriyaki and Southwestern
Style, these little patties are great as a side dish, as a mini meal, or
scrambled into egg whites. Each one has 110 - 130 calories, 1.5 - 3g fat, and
2g fiber (POINTS® value 2*). Pssst... the Southwestern Style cakes are
better than the Ginger Teriyaki ones!

New Flavors of Luna Bars - YAY... new Luna Bars are popping up
everywhere! Check out the two newest flavors -- Berry Almond and
Chocolate Raspberry. These have 180 - 190 calories, 4 - 5g fat, and 3 - 5g
fiber per bar (POINTS® value 3*).

All-Bran Fiber Drink Mix - If you think a 20-calorie drink mix (POINTS® value
0*) that packs in 10 grams of fiber sounds weird, you're not alone. But these
come in Iced Tea and Pink Lemonade, and we're willing to at least give 'em a

Eat Rite = Eat WRONG?!

Just a friendly neighborhood HG warning -- if you happen to stumble upon
pizzas or other frozen foods made by a brand called Eat Rite, be afraid. Be
VERY afraid. We've heard LOTS of buzz from subscribers who are extremely
skeptical of the accuracy of their nutrition labels. Some have even had said
foods TESTED only to find that their nutritional content was shockingly higher
than the labels state (we have even SEEN these results, and although we
cannot verify for sure that the info provided in these lab results is true, we
personally believe it is). Consider yourself warned. We were lured in by the
personal pizzas years ago but ditched them when we finally admitted to
ourselves that the buttery-tasting crust and puddles of oil that formed on top
of 'em meant they probably had more than the 210 - 245 calories and 3 - 5g
fat printed on the labels. In the meantime, drown your sorrows in this very
entertaining video about those same sorry pizzas, brought to us by our good
pals over at If anyone can help us feel better about
sad news in the world of guilt-free foods, it's these girls. And while you're
there, don't just watch their "Love at First Bite" pizza video -- watch ALL of
their videos. DO IT!!! These girls ROCK and are our new BFFs!
A Must-See Video!

Things You Need to Know About...

Electric bras and restaurant calories on your phone?! WOWOWOW!!!

Text Message for Restaurant Calories... Yay!!! - Do you dream about walking
into a restaurant and having all the nutritional info (and POINTS® values!)
right at your fingertips?! Well pinch yourselves, people, because that dream
is now a reality. There's a database of about a bazillion jillion chain
restaurant foods and their calories, fat, carbs, protein, AND POINTS®
values -- and you can access the nutritionals simply by texting the restaurant
name and menu item to DIET1 (34381). For POINTS® values, just add the
word "points" (or even just "pt") to the beginning. Within seconds you'll get
the answer sent to your phone! Go on. Try it. We've tried it out, and so far
the info seems fairly accurate... have fun and let us know what you think!

Electric Bras?! YUP! - These heart-rate-monitoring sports bras give new
meaning to the words "wireless bra". The bra sends info to a watch you wear
on your wrist (good thing... 'cuz lifting your shirt to see if you're at your
target heart rate would be a little embarrassing!). Some of the fancier
watches even track calories burned and more. Check 'em out. They're fun
and functional!

The Buzz...

Here's a weird one for you. We've learned that frozen pickle popsicles --
or "Pickle Sickles" -- are taking the world by storm! These chilly treats are
made from real pickles and pickle juice, and they're being picked up by
schools and moms everywhere as a healthier alternative to sugary popsicles.
Freaky -- but we have to admit, we're actually looking forward to tasting
them! ***Paying more attention to food labels these days? You'll be happy to
know that ConAgra (one of the largest food companies in the world) is
launching its own nutrition guide featuring the USDA MyPyramid, plus easy-to-
read info making it much simpler to understand. Keep an eye out for these
specially labeled packages starting in May. ***Tomorrow's the BIG day,
peeps! The latest (and greatest!) HG-developed VitaTop is making its debut!
DO NOT MISS THIS LAUNCH... and our free-shipping special -- yay!!!
***Everyone knows that exercise is good for you. But here's a little
motivational info in case you're a couch potato who's convinced you're a lost
cause. Studies show that even if you start exercising later in life, you can still
reap HUGE health benefits from it. But the earlier you get movin', the better!
So consider this the kick in the pants you need to start working out. Oh come
on, just do it! That's all we've got... HG out!

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HG Oops! In Friday's "Food Fakers!" email, we mistakenly said that a serving
of Ken's Steak House Dressing in Lite Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette has a
POINTS® value of 3* -- it actually has a POINTS® value of 2*. We still think
that 80 calories and 6g fat is pretty high for a light dressing, but we're sorry
for the POINTS® misprint and wanted you all to know.

Today, March 3rd, is National Cold Cuts Day. Celebrate with pickle spears
rolled in slices of lean turkey breast... Weeeeee!

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