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Hungry Girl Today: 4.07.08

The Official HG Book Tour Dates -- Finally!

As you probably know by now, the long-awaited Hungry Girl cookbook,
Hungry Girl: Recipes and Survival Strategies for Guilt-Free Eating in the Real
World, will hit store shelves on 4/29 (pre-order it here). And, as part of the
fun, we're going on the road for an official HG tour, from 4/29 through 5/21 --
with book signing events in TEN states across the US (some states will even
have TWO or THREE events!). At each one, not only will you be able to have
your HG book signed by Lisa Lillien (aka Hungry Girl), but there'll also be
free food samples (YAY!), special freebies (super-secret ones), a raffle for
HG swag and other cool stuff, and more! OK, enough yapping... here are the
official stops on the HG tour (these were picked based on YOUR votes). Drum
roll, please... New York! New Jersey! Boston! Washington, DC! Philadelphia!
Atlanta! Chicago! Minneapolis! Dallas! San Francisco! Los Angeles! For the
official event locations and details, CLICK HERE RIGHT NOW (and remember
to let us know which event you plan to attend -- not a requirement, we just
want to know how many goodies to bring!). Hooray!!!! See you soon (we

Spotted on Shelves...

Special K Snack Bites in Chocolatey Crunch - We're SO sad to see that the
vanilla-flavored Snack Bites are being phased out (you can still find some
online, if you hurry!), but these new chocolatey ones are kinda fun. Crunch it
up for 90 calories, 2g fat, and <1g fiber per pouch (POINTS® value 2*).

Jell-O Singles - Sure you can get lower-calorie pudding, but these individual
packets of just-add-milk instant pudding mix are SO cute, you just may want
to give 'em a try. They come in Vanilla (sans milk, each one has 90 fat-free
calories and 0g fiber -- POINTS® value 2*) and Chocolate (sans milk, 100
fat-free calories and <1g fiber -- POINTS® value 2*). And look for Sugar
Free Singles (with fewer calories), coming soon...

Better'n Peanut Butter in Chocolate - OK, technically this one has only been
spotted online, but we hear jars of this reduced-calorie, super-low-fat,
chocolate-infused PB sub will be popping up in stores any day now. A 2-tbsp.
serving has only 100 calories and TWO grams of fat, plus 2g fiber (POINTS®
value 2*). Yay!

Jamba Gets All Breakfast Happy and Gives Out FREE B-Fast Smoothies!

Hey, frozen beverage lovers. Jamba Juice is rolling out a new line of AM
items! And to show you just how committed they are to making sure YOU
don't skip breakfast, they're giving out FREE morning-meal smoothies and
juices on April 8th. That's right! TOMORROW, before 10 AM, you can walk
into participating Jamba Js and get yourself a totally FREE 12-oz. b-fast JJ!
Woohoo! The lovely and talented folks at the double J are nice enough to
provide nutritional info at their stores. But to save you some time, we're
giving you our top picks from the new line -- the Sunrise Strawberry Yogurt
Blend (12 oz. = 200 calories, 0.5g fat, 3g fiber -- POINTS® value 3*) and the
Bright Eyed & Blueberry Yogurt Blend (12 oz. = 180 calories, 0.5g fat, 3g
fiber -- POINTS® value 3*). BTW, we also dig the Jamba Light smoothies --
those each have 150 - 160 calories, a half gram of fat or less, and 2 - 3g
fiber per 16-oz. serving (POINTS® value 2 - 3*). Heads Up! There are lots of
Jamba offerings that have nutritionals in the 400 - 700 calorie range. So read
the info carefully, and steer clear of the ginormous ones, willya?!

The Buzz...

HEY! April 12th is National Licorice Day... and this year is the 50th
anniversary of Red Vines. To celebrate, the Red Vines peeps are running a
contest where fans can compete to have their drawings appear on Red Vines
trays. Prizes include trips, scholarships, and more fun stuff. But more
importantly, did you know that they make Sugar Free Vines that have just 13
calories each and that ALL Red Vines are fat-free? SWEET! ***Easter may be
over, but you can STILL take advantage of Eggology's "Easter Eggschange"
promotion. Simply send in an empty egg carton (to be recycled) and tell
them why you love the idea of a healthier form of eggs (like their packaged
egg whites!). Ten winners will receive $100 worth of products. You've got
until 4/23/08 to get your carton and letter in. Egg-cellent (oh come on, what
did you expect?). ***Recently published research out of Canada suggests
that both too much and too little sleep can cause unhealthy weight gain.
According to the study, there's a sleep "sweet spot" of about 7 - 8 hours per
night -- less or more than that could actually lead to weight gain. For more
info, click here. That's all we've got. HG out!

Whoa! There are just 22 days 'til the Hungry Girl cookbook explodes onto
bookshelves. Click here to pre-order your copy and here for our official book
tour dates!

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Today, April 7th, is National Coffee Cake Day. Whoop it up with our super-
delicious Crazy Crumbly Super Yummy Coffee Cakes... Woohoo!

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