Low-Calorie Halloween Dessert Recipes: Butterfinger Cupcakes, Candy Corn Popcorn Balls

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Candy is delicious. No one is disputing that. But rather than diving headfirst into a bucket of Halloween candy, make these guilt-free recipes...

Gooey Butterfinger Cupcakes

1/12th of recipe (1 cupcake): 127 calories, 2.5g total fat (1g sat fat), 248mg sodium, 24g carbs, 1g fiber, 14g sugars, 2.5g protein

SmartPoints® value 6*

SmartPoints® value 6*

Try to contain yourself… Oh, who are we kidding? Even we can't stay cool around cupcakes topped with marshmallow glaze and crushed candy bars!

1 packet hot cocoa mix with 20 - 25 calories (like Swiss Miss Diet or Nestlé Fat Free)
1 3/4 cups moist-style devil's food cake mix

1/2 cup fat-free liquid egg substitute
 (like Egg Beaters Original)
1/4 cup Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Creme

1 tsp. light soymilk or fat-free milk

1 standard-sized Butterfinger bar (2.1 oz.) or 3 Butterfinger Fun Size bars (about 2 inches long)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line a 12-cup muffin pan with foil baking cups, or spray it with nonstick spray.

In a glass, combine cocoa mix with 1/4 cup hot water and stir to dissolve.

Transfer mixture to a large bowl, and add 3/4 cup cold water. Add cake mix and egg substitute. Whisk until smooth.

Evenly distribute mixture among the cups of the muffin pan. Bake until a toothpick inserted into the center of a cupcake comes out clean, 16 - 18 minutes.

Let cool completely, about 10 minutes in the pan and 15 minutes out of the pan.

In a small bowl, thoroughly mix marshmallow creme with soymilk or milk. Drizzle over cupcakes.

Crush candy bar(s) and sprinkle evenly over cupcakes. Enjoy!


Candy Corn Popcorn Balls

1/10th of recipe (1 popcorn ball): 111 calories, 1.5g total fat (0.5g sat fat), 104mg sodium, 23.5g carbs, 0.5g fiber, 16.5g sugars, 0.5g protein

SmartPoints® value 6*

SmartPoints® value 6*

Both candy corn and popcorn balls are classic fall treats. Together, they become anything but conventional! Watch how they’re made

3 tbsp. light whipped butter or light buttery spread (like Brummel & Brown)
2 cups mini marshmallows
3/4 cup chopped candy corn
10 cups popped 94% fat-free butter popcorn

Place butter in a large nonstick pot and set to low heat. Once melted, add marshmallows and 1/4 cup chopped candy corn. Cook and stir until melted, about 12 minutes.

Remove pot from heat. Add popcorn and remaining chopped candy corn. Gently stir until coated. Transfer to a large bowl.

Evenly and firmly form into 10 balls, each 3 inches in diameter. (If needed, lightly spray your hands with nonstick cooking spray.) Enjoy!



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Today, October 24th, is National Good & Plenty Day! We don't have any recipes using the candy-coated licorice bites, but you'll be happy to know that a 33-piece serving has just 140 fat-free calories.

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