Clean & Hungry: Frequently Asked Questions

Jul 20 2016
Today, we're changing up our usual Q&A format to answer several of the most commonly asked questions about Hungry Girl Clean & Hungry! (Even if you don't own the book, there's some good info here on HG recipes in general). Let's get started...

Where are the SmartPoints® values for the recipes in this cookbook?

Find all the SmartPoints® values* for the Clean & Hungry recipes right here on our book site. Just click on the chapter name, or enter the recipe name in the search bar. Even better: Download this at-a-glance list. Remember, we follow the same method as Weight Watchers when calculating recipe values: We add up the SmartPoints® values* of the individual ingredients using the recipe builder.

I've seen ready-made cauliflower rice in stores -- can I use that in your cauliflower rice recipes instead of making it myself?

Absolutely! We love the kind by Green Giant Fresh. Here's all the info on store-bought cauliflower rice and how to make the switch. Bottom line: You'll only need 3/4 cup premade cauliflower rice for each cup of roughly chopped cauliflower called for in the recipe.

Some recipes call for no-calorie sweetener, but isn't that stuff artificial? Can I use sugar instead?

Good news: There are plenty of natural and even organic no-calorie sweeteners on shelves -- in both packets and scoopable form. Look for stevia-based ones, like the kinds by Truvia. Sugar can be substituted (we suggest unrefined pure cane sugar, which is less processed than standard white sugar), but the amounts need to be adjusted and the calorie counts will increase. Check out this full rundown on sweetener selection and sugar swapping.

Unsweetened almond milk is called for in the book, but I don't like almond milk. Can I use a different type of milk?

You bet. Unsweetened vanilla cashew milk and unsweetened coconut milk are best, since neither of those will affect the recipe stats much. Light vanilla soymilk and fat-free dairy milk are also good options! Get the full details here.

Which recipes in the book freeze well?

A LOT of the recipes in Clean & Hungry lend themselves to freezing and thawing. Perfect for make-ahead meals! Check out the specific freezer guides in the book on the DIY tortillas (p. 25), burger patties (p. 255), oatmeal bakes (p. 54), waffles (p. 102), slow-cooker recipes (p. 128), and baked desserts (p. 296). And here's an overall guide to freezing and thawing recipes!

Where can I buy a spiral vegetable slicer?

Veggie spiralizers are THE BEST -- they turn vegetables into noodles! And they're pretty affordable too. Here at Hungryland, we love the ones made by Veggetti and OXO. Order those online via the previous links, or find 'em in stores like Bed Bath & Beyond.

I notice that you usually call for egg whites instead of whole eggs. Why?

Using just the whites is a smart way to save calories in so many recipes. And in our opinion, there are better ways to get your fill of healthy fats than those yolks. If you really prefer to use the whole egg, here's some info on how to make the swap.
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