The HG Cruise: Top Questions Answered

Oct 5 2016
Question@2x Hi HG,

I've been reading about the Hungry Girl Cruise -- sounds so cool! I have some questions, though... Will you (Lisa) be there the whole time? Is it a traditional cruise ship with other cruisers or an HG chartered boat? Are families welcome? I'm close to booking, but I need a little more info...

Cruisin' for Answers
Answer@2x Dear Cruisin',

Very exciting! Here are the answers to your questions, plus more need-to-know info about the Official Hungry Girl Cruise...

Yes, I'll personally be on board for the entire cruise and leading the Hungry Girl events. We're basically going on vacation together! I'll be there the whole time giving presentations, hosting parties, answering questions, and enjoying the cruise festivities with you. I've devoted my entire career to creating content that helps people manage their weight in a real-world way. This cruise is a chance to share all of my best strategies with you, face to face. I'm committed to making this a life-changing experience for everyone!

This is a full-on Caribbean vacation aboard one of Holland America Line's signature ships. The HG group will consist of about 200 people, but there will be other cruisers too. In addition to the Hungry Girl experience, you'll enjoy all the luxuries of a state-of-the-art cruise ship and spend time on the islands of Turks & Caicos, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and the Bahamas! (More info on the ports here!) The Hungry Girl programming events will only take place while the ship is sailing from port to port, so you won't miss out on any island adventures or beach relaxation.

Spouses and kids are more than welcome... It also makes a great girls' trip! There will be plenty of family-vacation fun to be had, and discounted rates are available for family members not attending the HG events. There are even fully supervised kid programs on the ship. Another option is to get a group of fellow HG fans together for the friends' trip of a lifetime. You can even go solo; there's a cool roommate-matching service available!

The events will be equal parts informative, inspirational, and FUN. This is NOT a boring classroom environment. There will be interactive presentations, morning pool workouts, exclusive parties, games, raffles, and more. The presentations will be packed with info: survival strategies for every eating occasion, easy calorie burners you can do anywhere, master tips on weight management... The list goes on and on. Trust me: You won't want the sessions to end! Get more info on 'em here.

If you've been looking for something that will truly help you reach your health and weight goals once and for all, THIS IS IT. So book the cruise before spots run out, okay? Hope to see you then! And if you've still got questions on the cruise, email me with 'em!

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