FAQs About WW Points Values on the Hungry Girl Website

All points values are calculated by Hungry Girl and are not an endorsement or approval of the product, recipe, or its manufacturer or developer by WW International, Inc., the owner of the SmartPoints® and PersonalPoints™ trademarks. 

For more about PersonalPoints™ and the WW program, visit WW.com.

Why do some recipes on your website show SmartPoints® values, while others show a link to PersonalPoints™?

In November 2021, WW launched its new PersonalPoints™ plan, replacing the SmartPoints® plans. We’re in the process of updating many of our recipes to include links to the new plan’s values, specific to each individual’s plan. All new recipes that are sent out in the Hungry Girl daily emails will include the links to the current PersonalPoints™ values. To sign up for the daily emails and receive the latest recipes, click here.

Click here for more info on the PersonalPoints™ program.

When it comes to recipes, why is there a link to PersonalPoints™ values? Why aren’t the values included with the recipes?

According to WW, the PersonalPoints™ program is “more personalized than ever” — no two plans are alike. Depending on your personal plan, certain foods have zero points while others do not. WW members who use the “Click for WW PersonalPoints™ value*” link in a recipe will see the recipe’s ingredients and PersonalPoints™ value open in their WW account, reflecting their specific plan.