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All Things Pizza

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  • Loaded 'n Oated Spinach & Mushroom Girlfredo Pizza PER SERVING entire recipe:
    282 calories, 8.75g fat, 745mg sodium, 34.5g carbs, 10g fiber, 4g sugars, 20g protein
    PointsPlus® value 7* A homemade pizza (crust and all)... Mamma mia!
  • Pepperoni Pizza Pinwheels PER SERVING 1/8th of recipe, 1 pinwheel:
    125 calories, 6.25g fat, 405mg sodium, 13g carbs, <0.5g fiber, 2.5g sugars, 5g protein
    PointsPlus® value 3* So cute, you might not want to eat 'em... (Send 'em over; we'll eat 'em for you!)
  • Pizza Puffs PER SERVING 1/5th of recipe, 3 puffs:
    185 calories, 8.5g fat, 461mg sodium, 22.5g carbs, 1g fiber, 4.5g sugars, 5.5g protein
    PointsPlus® value 5* Pizza can be enjoyed in many shapes and sizes. See?????
  • Supremely Stuffed Pizza-fied Eggplant PER SERVING 1/4th of recipe, 1 large piece:
    170 calories, 3g fat, 608mg sodium, 26g carbs, 9.75g fiber, 9.5g sugars, 14.5g protein
    PointsPlus® value 4* This recipe has an eggplant bottom instead of pizza crust because... well, why not?!
  • Just Veggin' Pizza PER SERVING 1/8th of recipe, 1 slice:
    150 calories, 1.5g fat, 572mg sodium, 26.5g carbs, 1g fiber, 4g sugars, 7g protein
    PointsPlus® value 4* With just 150 calories per serving, feel free to veg out!
  • BLT Pizza PER SERVING 1/6th of recipe, 1 slice:
    213 calories, 5g fat, 815mg sodium, 35.5g carbs, 1g fiber, 6g sugars, 7.5g protein
    PointsPlus® value 6* Creamy, ranchy, bacon-y... AHHHHHHH!!!!!
  • Pizza-fied Grilled Cheese PER SERVING entire recipe:
    185 calories, 5g fat, 900mg sodium, 23.5g carbs, 5.5g fiber, 5g sugars, 13g protein
    PointsPlus® value 5* Who doesn't like their grilled cheese with two cheeses and turkey pepperoni?
  • Grilled Greek Pizza Minis PER SERVING 1/2 of recipe, 4 mini pizzas:
    116 calories, 2.5g fat, 430mg sodium, 16g carbs, 3g fiber, 3g sugars, 9g protein
    PointsPlus® value 3* It's Greeked-out pizza on lavash. SO GOOD!
  • Pizza-bellas PER SERVING 1/2 of recipe, 1 pizza-bella:
    118 calories, 4.75g fat, 487mg sodium, 7.5g carbs, 1.75g fiber, 3g sugars, 11.5g protein
    PointsPlus® value 3* We're all about using unconventional pizza crusts. This time, portabella mushrooms... CRAZY!
  • Purple Pizza Eaters PER SERVING 1/2 of recipe, 2 mini pizzas:
    240 calories, 5g fat, 812mg sodium, 32g carbs, 6.75g fiber, 2g sugars, 20.5g protein
    PointsPlus® value 6* Don't let the purple frighten you. The only thing scary is how alarmingly good these taste!
  • Cheesy Pizza Quesadilla PER SERVING entire recipe:
    252 calories, 7.25g fat, 979mg sodium, 31.5g carbs, 7.5g fiber, 5.5g sugars, 18g protein
    PointsPlus® value 6* When you need a quick and easy pizza fix, this recipe should do the trick.
  • Pizza Burgers a la HG PER SERVING 1/4th of recipe, 1 patty with cheese and sauce:
    223 calories, 7g fat, 559mg sodium, 9g carbs, 1.5g fiber, 5g sugars, 31g protein
    PointsPlus® value 5* It's like the pizza burgers you used to get at the diner... only TOTALLY guilt-free!
  • The Great Greek Pizza PER SERVING entire recipe:
    277 calories, 4.75g fat, 990mg sodium, 38g carbs, 8.5g fiber, 4.5g sugars, 19g protein
    PointsPlus® value 6* We're putting string cheese in a blender for this one. So much fun!
  • Crispy Cheeseburger Pizza PER SERVING entire recipe:
    256 calories, 3.75g fat, 1,222mg sodium, 39g carbs, 9g fiber, 9g sugars, 25g protein
    PointsPlus® value 7* Cheesy soy crumbles + a high-fiber tortilla = a match made in heaven.
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