8 Ways to Enjoy Hidden Valley® Ranch Fat Free and Cucumber Light Dressings

HG's TOP ATE Ways to Enjoy Hidden Valley® Ranch Fat Free and Cucumber Light Dressings!

Brought to you by Hidden Valley® Ranch!

Whether you’re watching your points or pounds, you've got to try these meal and snack ideas...

1. Mix with tuna for next-level tuna salad! Add chopped veggies for crunch, and serve in lettuce cups!

2. For a creamy-crunchy snack, dip red pepper strips or sugar snap peas into Hidden Valley® Ranch Fat Free. Score!

3. Here’s a fun take on nachos: Top baked tortilla chips with reduced-fat cheddar, diced tomatoes, and a drizzle of either dressing. Mmmmm...

4. Refreshing snack salad alert! Top chopped romaine with sliced strawberries, halved grape tomatoes, and Hidden Valley® Cucumber Ranch Light.

5. Make ranch-ified chicken fingers with a guilt-free spin. Dip chicken breast in the dressing; then coat with whole-wheat panko breadcrumbs. Bake until crispy!

6. Mix Hidden Valley® Ranch Fat Free with standard BBQ sauce for a creamy, flavor-infused spin on a classic. Trust us: You’ll want to put this on everything!

7. Bake some Hungry Girl carrot fries, and serve with Hidden Valley® Ranch Fat Free for dipping.

8. Spread some on a BLT made with toasted light bread and lean bacon. Talk about an upgrade!