Healthy Amazon Food Finds: Bone Broth Concentrate, Sugar-Free Pumpkin Muffin Mix, Plant-Based Chocolate Truffles & More

Nov 19 2021
We had SO MANY amazing products & brands featured on this week's Amazon Live. Read up, stock up, and take advantage of the deals while you can…

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Broth Concentrates = Must-Have Secret Ingredients!

Zoup! Good, Really Good® Culinary Concentrates™

Zoup! means never having to say, "I'm out of broth." With a jar of these concentrates on hand, it's almost too easy to create exactly the amount of broth you need… instantly! The Chicken and Beef varieties are made from super-premium, clean-label bone broth. Plus, there's the Savory No-Chicken Base Vegan Broth, made with pea protein. All three are free of artificial flavors and ingredients, preservatives, inexpensive fillers, and added sugar, with higher protein and lower sodium than the leading conventional brand. Mix a cup of broth for sipping or boost the flavor in your go-to recipes… it's only 10–15 calories per serving. With Thanksgiving on the way, it's the perfect time to stock up on wholesome & versatile ingredients like this for all your holiday cooking!

Code: 25HUNGRY. All products eligible. Expires 11/25/21.

Tasty Meat Snacks: Wrapped & Ready to Go!

Tony Roma's BBQ Jerky Bites

The restaurant chain Tony Roma’s is famous for its barbecue, and these flame-grilled and saucy jerkies are the perfect way to indulge daily. There are four different flavors: Original, Carolina Honeys, Golden Serrano, and Buffalo. All super delicious and so tender! We love that the pieces of lean meat are individually wrapped and sealed to lock in the flavor. And just 70–110 calories with 7g protein per serving! Toss a few packs into your bag before you head out, and you'll be ready with a perfect emergency snack later. But first, stock up…


Code: 40HUNGRYTR. Expires 11/25/21.

Seasonal Baked Treats with NO SUGAR? Sweet!

Lakanto Pumpkin Spice Muffin & Bread Mix (and More)

The latest amazing product from our friends at Lakanto, the makers of monk fruit sweeteners and sugar-free baking products? This holiday-inspired baking mix, perfect for fall & winter treats. As you'd expect from Lakanto, it's made with high-quality, all-natural ingredients and NO sugar — just spice and everything nice! It’s sweetened with Lakanto's wonderful zero-calorie, zero-glycemic monk fruit blend. And a serving of the mix has just 70 calories and 1g net carbs! Order now… and while you're at it, check out all their sugar-free baking supplies, like these monk-fruit-sweetened chocolate chips!

Code: HUNGRY20. All products eligible. Expires 11/26/21.

Prefer to shop on Amazon? Click here and use code 15HUNGRYLISA. All products sold by Lakanto eligible. Expires 11/26/21.

Real Fruit + Vegan Dark Chocolate = Healthy Truffles!

That's it. Dark Chocolate Truffles

If you want to indulge, do it with clean treats you can feel good about… like these bite-sized spheres of chewy dried fruit, dipped in just the right amount of vegan dark chocolate. The result is a decadent plant-based snack with only 33 calories or less and 1g added sugar per truffle. And they’re sooooo satisfying. Available in 3-packs of Raisin, Fig, Date, or Banana… or scoop up this Variety Pack to try them all! (P.S. That Variety Pack would make a fantastic gift. And all packs come in a sleek, giftable box.) Get your truffles ASAP!

Code: 25SWEETTREAT. All products eligible. Expires 12/2/21.

Prefer to shop on Amazon? Click here and use code 20SWEETTREAT for 20% off Dark Chocolate Truffles and the Variety Pack. Expires 12/2/21.

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