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Yawning is for the weak. Kick the habit with these recipes!

  Super-Duper Cocoa-rific Coffee Malt!

Coffee-shop specialty drinks are typically expensive and loaded with calories. Be your own barista -- give this recipe a try...
  Party Poppin' Trail Mix

Just mix a few ingredients together in a bowl and EAT! If you're worried you'll go overboard, portion out your party mix into individual servings.
  Grab 'n Go Cookies

These chewy, fruity, sweet snacks are SO pretty, and they're totally portable...


  PB&J Yogurt Parfait

Is it dessert? A snack? Or perhaps breakfast? Really, who cares? It's amazing!


  Bonus Recipe! Salsa-fied Tuna Stacks

Three simple ingredients and no cooking required!



Supermarket Survival Guide (Tips & Picks)!


Nuts - Nuts are energizing, for sure, but the calories and fat grams can add up fast. Look for 100-calorie packs (like the ones by Blue Diamond Almonds and Emerald), or assemble your own -- just toss 14 almonds or 25 pistachios into a baggie!

Albacore Tuna Pouches - No can opener needed! These tuna pouches are packed with protein and are low in calories and fat. Perfect for stashing at the office. Great as a quick salad topper, with high-fiber crackers or rice cakes, or even eaten straight. Make sure to get the kind packed in water (as opposed to oil)!

Fat-Free Yogurt - With so many brands and flavors to choose from, you'll never get tired of this stuff. It's great any time of day, and the single-serve containers are ideal for mini fridges and fast snacks. Look for those with 100 calories or less per 6-oz. serving. My favorites are Yoplait Light, Fage Total 0%, and Yoplait Fiber One.

Fiber-Packed Snack Bars - These can be tricky, but read the labels and you'll be a-okay. Choose bars with 150 calories or less, a good amount of protein, and at least 3g fiber each. I'm all about the kinds by Nature Valley, Kashi, and Kind. Avoid bars that are way too big or have over 300 calories -- those are meant for athletes or to be used as meal replacements.

Low-Calorie Flavored Water - Heads up! Just because something has the word "water" on its label does NOT mean it's low in calories and good for you. Some flavored waters are loaded with sugar and have as many calories as soda. OUCH! My favorite flavored waters are Aquafina FlavorSplash, Vitaminwater Zero, and Activate Drinks. Or just toss some orange slices in a pitcher of ice water to make your own. Mmmmm...

Jerky - Beef, soy, turkey, chicken -- I don't discriminate! This snack food really is underrated. It's high in protein and low in fat and calories. Plus, it has a long shelf life and is easy to stash anywhere. Click to check out some of my favorite kinds.

94% Fat-Free Microwave Popcorn - Buy the mini bags with 90 - 100 calories each, and you've got another shelf-stable emergency snack that's perfect for stocking at work. Well, as long as you have a microwave there. Otherwise, pop it up at home first!

Packets of Low-Calorie Instant Soup - Hot water turns these savvy, space-saving packets into filling snacks or meal starters. Miso soup is a favorite... I love the kinds by Mishima. Delicious!

Instant Oatmeal - An easy classic that you can zazzle up by tossing in some freeze-dried fruit or fresh berries. Speaking of freeze-dried fruit...

Freeze-Dried Fruit - Such a fun snack! These treats are pure fruit, just with the moisture zapped out of them. The most easily found variety is actually located in the baby food aisle... Gerber Graduates Mini Fruits. I also love Funky Monkey Snacks and the stuff by Just Tomatoes, Etc.!

HG EXTRA! Click here for everything you need to know about making at-home coffee-shop swaps, from hot cocoa creations to blended coffee drinks!

P.S. For more supermarket staples, check out the ingredients lists in the recipes above and below...


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Double-0-Strawberry Quickie Kiwi Smoothie
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