Hungry Girl & Advertising:

Hungry Girl does feature ads, however we never accept ads from or enter into relationships with companies or products that we do not fully approve of. These ads appear in several distinct forms, as described below. Please note that paid sponsorships only feature products and/or services that are Hungry Girl approved, meaning they are products or services that we personally use and/or support.

  1. Banners - Banners within the Hungry Girl emails and archives are either sponsored ads, house ads promoting HG initiatives, or public service announcements. In any of the above cases, they serve to promote something that is Hungry Girl approved. 
  3. "Guilt-Free Groceries" sponsorships - No more than once or twice a week, Hungry Girl emails will contain sponsored content with this title. These are clearly presented with "Sponsored by" or "Brought to you by" messaging. These ads are easily distinguishable from editorial content and often feature special offers, coupons, etc. 
  5. "Side Dish" emails - No more than five times per calendar month, Hungry Girl will send out a sponsored email marked "Side Dish" at the start of the subject line. These emails are often paid for by sponsors (who are clearly revealed at the top of the email, accompanied by "Sponsored by" or "Brought to you by" messaging) and feature product info, coupons, recipes, and/or special deals. 
  7. Sponsored videos and video page - Occasionally, we will create sponsored videos and feature them on our HUNGRYVISION™ page and/or in the aforementioned advertisements. These videos are clearly marked with "Sponsored by" or "Brought to you by" messaging. Companion units displayed on the video page are also clearly marked with "Sponsored by" or "Brought to you by" messaging.

Advertiser Relationships...

Many of our advertising relationships originate organically, as a result of products being featured favorably and independently in unpaid editorial content. Examples of brands with which advertising relationships were established this way are as follows: Fiber One, Yoplait, Vitalicious, The Laughing Cow, Quaker Oats, and Lean Cuisine. When these products are featured in editorial, those mentions are NOT paid for or sponsored. When they are featured in ads, those ads are clearly marked as such. And even when a company has an advertising relationship with HG, we still maintain the right to talk about its competitors -- as well as similar products from a brand's parent company and line extensions -- in editorial content, favorably or unfavorably. 

We hope this information has provided you with a clear understanding of how the Hungry Girl brand works with food companies and advertisers. We maintain a high level of brand integrity and have always sought to provide our audience with a full disclosure of our inner workings. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding this matter. 

Please contact if you have further questions.