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Don't be tricked by Halloween treats! Here's how to celebrate...Hungry Girl style!

Pumpkins Are Your Fat Orange Friends! 

Pumpkins are awesome! They're low in calories & fat, but crazy-high in fiber & Vitamin A!  They're also a good source of Vitamin C & Vitamin E.  And did you know they're a squash?  It's true!

But most fresh pumpkins are too stringy to eat. Canned pumpkin is easier to use, tastier and just as nutritious.

And don't toss those pumpkin seeds in the trash. Roast 'em -- they're delicious...and really good for you! Toss some into your salad or veggie dishes.

Pumpkin Spice...and Everything Nice!

Get into the Halloween frame of mind at Starbucks! They've got a seasonal Pumpkin Spice Nonfat Latte (Tall) on the menu now. This fantastic treat has 210 calories, no fat, 12 grams of protein, & 40 carbs.

Guilt-Free Dirt & Worms Surprise (approximately 160 calories, 2g fat)

Feel like a kid again with this light & yummy dessert.

1/2 Cup Fat Free Chocolate Pudding (sugar free & fat free works as well)
1/2 Pouch of 100 Calorie Packs Oreo Crisps, Crushed
3 Sugar free Gummi Worms

Layer pudding and crushed oreo crisps. Top with worms. Enjoy!

Boo-tiful Bites!

Buy lower calorie, low fat sweets for the kids...and you can share!

Dum-Dums Lollipops - approximately 25 calories each
Smarties - 25 calories a roll
Tootsie Pops - 60 calories a pop
Nerds - 60 calories a Tblsp.

WARNING! Sitting at home waiting for Trick or Treaters with a big bowl of candy in your lap can cause even those with the strongest willpower to crack and scarf down sweets. Those mini candy bars are the WORST.  Each itty bitty Butterfinger has 100 calories, 4g of fat and 15 carbs. And its easy to swallow 4 of these things without giving it a thought. Leave these bags on the shelves at the market. "Fun size" chocolate bars = "gigantic size" pants!

The average American eats approximately 21 pounds of candy per year. Each year 2 billion dollars is spent on Halloween candy alone.

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