Nonstick Spray Alternatives for Air Fryers & Other Nonstick Pans

Have you ever wondered if it’s safe to use nonstick spray on your air fryer… or if it’s even necessary? Here’s the scoop…

The general consensus is that you shouldn't use aerosol-based nonstick sprays on the basket in your air fryer. This is because most air fryers feature a nonstick surface. And when you use aerosol-based nonstick sprays on a nonstick surface, it can potentially damage the coating, causing it to chip and even get into your food. Additionally, since most air fryers feature that nonstick surface, you can usually omit the spray altogether. We test a LOT of air fryer recipes here at Hungry Girl, and we’ve never had an issue using nonstick spray. That said, here are some tips & tools to consider!

Non-Aerosol Sprays

The chemicals added to aerosol nonstick sprays have been called out as a culprit causing the wearing down of nonstick coatings. Look for oil sprays packed in a non-propellant-style can, like the kinds by Pompeian. (Bonus: Those sprays tend to also come with healthier oil options.)

Mister + High-Smoke-Point Oils

DIY, and make sure your spray is propellant free! We suggest an oil with a high smoke point, like avocado oil, extra-virgin olive oil, or grapeseed oil. Then simply pour it into a refillable mister, and spritz away.

Air-Fryer Liners

Consider using a liner made from silicone or parchment. If you're looking to cut down on your cleaning, parchment options are disposable and easy to use. If you want liners you can use over and over, find a silicone set that you can easily wash. A sheet of aluminum foil will also do the trick!


Pair one of those liner options with a mist of any nonstick spray before you put it in the air fryer. This way you don’t have to worry about the nonstick surface, and you get the benefit of some extra crispiness from the spray!

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