Solutions to Common Tech Problems

We're sorry that you're experiencing difficulty with the HG website or daily emails. Below are some suggestions to help with commonly reported issues.

If you need to update/change your email address, take these steps:

1. Unsubscribe your OLD email address here:

2. Subscribe your NEW email address here:

3. Please make sure to add to the address book and/or safe senders list for your new email address.

If you are currently subscribed but are not receiving the daily emails (Monday - Friday), take the following steps:

1. If you haven't done so already, add to your address book and/or safe senders list.

2. Make sure that is not currently being spam blocked by your email service or going into your spam/bulk folder. If it is, follow the steps given by your email provider to make sure that is no longer marked as spam.

3. If you are receiving HG emails on some days -- just not consistently -- look at your spam folder on the days you don’t receive them. It's possible that your mail provider’s spam filter is sometimes accepting the emails but not delivering them to you. In that case, you should check with your tech-support person, mail provider, or Internet service provider.

4. If you have a Gmail account and access it through a web browser, be sure to check the promotions tab.

If you’ve unsubscribed but are still receiving the daily emails:

Once you’ve unsubscribed, you will stop receiving the daily emails within 24 hours.

It’s possible that you are subscribed under a different email address, one that is being automatically forwarded to your primary email address. Please check the very bottom of one of the Hungry Girl emails you receive. There is a line that states the email address you provided when you subscribed.

Example: You are subscribed to Hungry Girl as:

To stop receiving our emails, you must unsubscribe that address.

If you're receiving the daily emails but are unable to view them once you click on them in your inbox:

A different web browser might be the solution. Also, if you are able to see the "trouble viewing?" link at the top of each email, click on that and you'll be taken to that day's email.

You can also find the latest email by visiting and clicking on the Today's Email link.

If you're unable to view a particular page on the Hungry Girl website:

You may be looking at a pop-up module that's preventing you from seeing the content. Click on the X in the upper-right corner, or select one of the "No, thanks" options at the bottom.

If you're being prompted to sign up for the daily emails even though you're already subscribed:

Select "No thanks, I'm already a subscriber" to prevent the pop-up module from appearing as often.

If your question hasn’t been answered, click here to return to the Contact Us page.

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