Healthy Chicken Fajita Casserole + More Protein-Packed Casserole Recipes

Jan 14 2020
This casserole checks all the boxes: full of protein and veggies, major comfort-food appeal, and the savory taste of classic fajitas… Dig in!

Hungry Girl's Healthy Chicken Fajita Casserole

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1/6th of casserole: 301 calories, 9g total fat (3g sat fat), 578mg sodium, 30g carbs, 4g fiber, 6g sugars, 25g protein

Green Plan SmartPoints® value 6*
Blue Plan (Freestyle) SmartPoints® value 5*

Purple Plan SmartPoints® value 5*

Prep: 20 minutes
Cook: 50 minutes


Ten 6-inch corn tortillas

2 tbsp. fajita seasoning mix (about half of a 1-oz. packet)

1 lb. raw boneless skinless chicken breast cutlets

1/4 tsp. each salt and black pepper

2 cups sliced green and red bell peppers

2 cups sliced onion

1 cup sliced mushrooms

1 cup sliced zucchini

1 cup salsa with 90mg sodium or less per 2-tbsp. serving

1 cup shredded reduced-fat Mexican-blend cheese

3 oz. (about 1/2 cup) chopped avocado


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray a 9” X 13” baking pan with nonstick spray.

Stack tortillas, and cut in half. Cut the stacked halves into thin strips.

In a small bowl, mix fajita seasoning with 1/4 cup water.

Bring an extra-large skillet sprayed with nonstick spray to medium heat. Season chicken with salt and black pepper. Cook for about 4 minutes per side, until cooked through. Transfer to a plate.

Remove skillet from heat; clean, if needed. Respray, and bring to medium-high heat. Add bell peppers, onion, mushrooms, and zucchini. Cook and stir until softened, 6 - 8 minutes. Remove from heat.

Thinly slice chicken. Add it to the veggies in the skillet, along with the fajita seasoning mixture. Stir thoroughly.

Transfer half of the chicken mixture to the baking pan. Top with 1/2 cup salsa, 1/2 cup cheese, and remaining chicken/veggie mixture. Top with remaining 1/2 cup salsa, followed by avocado, tortilla strips, and remaining 1/2 cup cheese.

Bake until entire dish is hot, cheese has melted, and tortilla strips have lightly browned and become crispy, 25 - 30 minutes.


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