Hungry Girl Supermarket Survival: Aisle by Aisle, HG-Style!

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Finally . . . a real-world guide that will help you navigate the supermarket and stock up on guilt-free foods, from mealtime must-haves to snack finds and more! It's Hungry Girl's ultimate resource for grocery-store survival -- a must-own manual that makes shopping for better-for-you foods easy and fun! Inside you'll find:

⭑ HG all-stars and grocery-store standouts
⭑ Calorie counts and comparisons for foods in every aisle
⭑ Healthy meal ideas and snack solutions for every craving and situation
⭑ Easy-to-digest info about nutrition labels and ingredient lists
⭑ HG's complete supermarket list with aisle-by-aisle food finds

Hungry Girl's amazingly comprehensive supermarket guide is your key to guilt-free shopping, eating, and living!

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