The Hungry Girl Diet Cookbook: Healthy Recipes for Mix-n-Match Meals & Snacks

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200 All-New Recipes for the Hungry Girl Diet!

In the #1 New York Times bestseller The Hungry Girl Diet, Lisa Lillien served up the first-ever diet plan utilizing the beloved Hungry Girl philosophy and recipe concepts. Now she's back with a companion cookbook, featuring 200 brand-new recipes that work with the groundbreaking diet plan! With an emphasis on lean protein, fresh fruits 'n veggies, big portions, and craving-busting dishes, this book gives you everything you love about Hungry Girl in a weight-loss centric cookbook. Losing weight has never been easier... or more delicious!

Recipe photos available here.

As the WW plans have changed since this book was published, SmartPoints® values are not available at this time. To calculate any recipe’s SmartPoints® value, plug the ingredients into the Recipe Builder set to your plan on the WW website. (Click "Create" and select "Recipe.”)

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