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  'Cue the Pulled Pork

Slow-cooked BBQ goodness that uses JUST the right cuts of meat for a perfect pork dish. Hope you're hungry...
  PB 'n Chocolate Bread Pudding

How do you make no-guilt bread pudding even better? You add peanut butter and chocolate. DOY!
  Too-EZ Mac 'n Cheese

For those days when you just need to dive into a bowl of cheesy pasta (who HASN'T been there?!), choose this quick recipe over the blue box...


  Bonus Supersized Recipe! Turkey & Veggie Meatloaf Minis

I'd say it's "like Mom used to make," but I doubt your mom used broccoli shreds and a muffin pan. (If she did, your mom ROCKS!)




Supermarket Survival Guide (Tips & Picks)!


Bread 101 - Looking for something light to make a sandwich out of that pulled pork? Pick up 100-calorie flat sandwich buns, like Arnold Select/Oroweat Sandwich Thins! Seeking slices... perhaps for whipping up bread pudding? Look for loaves with 40 - 45 calories and at least 2g fiber per slice. Sara Lee Delightful is a personal favorite!

Meat 411 - For shredded pork dishes, I like to use half shoulder (for flavor) and half tenderloin (to cut the fat content). For ground meat, like in meatloaf, go for lean turkey or extra-lean ground beef. Click here for more info on that...

Mashed Potato Must-Haves - Potatoes are a given, but don't leave some other good stuff out. Cauliflower is perfect when steamed and mashed -- mix some in and your mashies will go twice as far. You'll also want some light whipped butter or light buttery spread. Brummel & Brown is my FAVORITE, but the kinds by Land O Lakes and Smart Balance are good too. Grab some fat-free half & half and you're good to go! Click here for the full recipe.

Green Giant Frozen Broccoli & Cheese Sauce - This is more than just the key ingredient in my Too-EZ Mac 'n Cheese. The saucy green veggies are also great with baked potatoes and for making my Cheesy Broc Star Soup. Look for this stuff in single-serving trays -- a.k.a. Just for One! -- and multi-serving bags.

Spreadable Low-Fat Cheese Wedges, a.k.a. The Laughing Cow Light - These things make everything better, richer, and more delicious. Only 35 calories each and great in mac 'n cheese. I could go on and on about these, so click here if you want to know more!

Whole-Wheat-Blend or High-Fiber Pasta - My go-to pasta pick will always be Tofu Shirataki noodles, but whole-wheat/high-fiber options are great for when it's GOT to be the real thing. I'm a fan of the high-fiber pastas made by Ronzoni and Barilla.

Broccoli Cole Slaw - This shredded veggie mix is a secret ingredient in my Meatloaf Minis! It has tons of other uses, as well, so click here for the 411!

Hungry for More?

These recipes are your one-way ticket to Comfort Town!

I Can't Believe It's Not Sweet Potato Pie - Did you know that butternut squash makes an amazing swap for sweet potatoes? Well, you do now!

Supersized Recipe! Miracle Mashies - These lightened-up mashed potatoes are the food equivalent of a warm blanket on a cold day.

Plate-Lickin'-Good Chicken & Waffles - It's true... There's a recipe for guilt-free fried chicken with waffles!

Supersized Recipe! 10-Alarm Turkey Chili - Rich, hearty, smoky, spicy, and soooo good. Your life as a chili lover may never be the same.

Super-Cheesy Crazy-EZ Shepherd's Pie, "Twice-Baked" Mexi-tato, and Tuna Noodle Casse-bowl
- THREE comfort food quickies with only THREE ingredients each!

Funkadelic Chili Mac - Noodles smothered in zesty chili and topped with cheese sounds like a high-calorie item. But you know me better than that, right?

Corn MegaMuffins
- A big ol' corn muffin for breakfast or alongside a meal? You betcha when they're as guilt-free as these...

Kickin' Buttermilk Faux-Fried Chicken - These tenders are flavorful, crispy, and SO much better than the fatty alternative. Bite 'em!