The Best Snacks You're Not Eating

Apr 6 2016
Question@2x Hi Hungry Girl,

I need help in the snack department. I'm completely bored with my usuals: apples, snack bars, and baby carrots. Any healthy ideas that are a little more interesting?

Stuck in a Snack Rut
Answer@2x Hi Stuck,

You've come to the right place! Here are six standout snacks: tasty, satisfying, and completely unexpected...

Turkey Breast Slices - Deli-style turkey is more than just something to place between bread... It's ready-to-eat lean protein! Have 2 oz. (2 - 4 slices) for around 60 calories and less than a gram of fat. Look for flavored varieties and low sodium counts -- Applegate and Boar's Head have some of the best slices in the biz. Wrap your turkey around pickles, seedless cucumber spears, or even a stick of light string cheese.

Soup - A snack that eats like a mini meal is much more satisfying than the average vending-machine pick. And canned soup is one of the easiest heat 'n eat options around. Amy's Organic Chunky Tomato Bisque is an HG obsession (there's even a reduced-sodium kind) and there are dozens of Progresso soups with 100 calories or less per serving (which is NOT a whole can, FYI). Rather DIY? Check out these slow-cooker recipes.

Egg Mugs - Microwaveable egg scrambles are not just for breakfast. Think about it -- they're low-calorie protein cups you can make in a flash, using whatever veggies and other goodies you've got in the fridge. And hot snacks are super satisfying. Check out our Best of... Egg-Mug Recipes for nine must-make egg mugs.

Jerky - Jerky might not be as surprising as some of the other snack picks on the list, but I think it's totally underappreciated and even misunderstood. The dried meat snack is not high in calories or fat, it's not boy food, it's not boring, and it's not available only in beef. A 1-oz. serving typically has 100 calories or less and under 3g fat, and options range from turkey to meat-free. Click here for some of my very favorite finds. My number-one love? Simply Snackin -- gourmet to the max!

Tuna - Are you beginning to sense a protein-packed theme here? You're not wrong. High-protein snackables are super filling. My top tuna pick is the Tuna Creations line by StarKist -- great right from the pouch, over high-fiber crackers, or in simple HG recipes. Spoon tuna into lettuce leaves for some Mexi-Tuna Lettuce Wraps. Or keep your bottoms crunchy (not those bottoms, silly) with Cheesy Tuna Salad Stackers, an Avocado Ranch Tuna Snack, or Tuna Dunkers to Go. Yum!

Hard-Boiled Egg Whites - On their own, plain ol' egg whites can seem boring. The solution? Add delicious items! Once you pop out those yolks, you've got perfect little vehicles for all kinds of goodness. They're terrific with a bit of salsa or some tuna salad. Go nuts, and try all kinds of stuff... Hummus and Dijonnaise are particularly delicious (just not together). Each whole egg white has only about 20 calories. Here are our tips for boiling those eggs...

There you have it. BTW, there are fantastic snack recipes in my new cookbook, Hungry Girl Clean & Hungry. Check out the muffin-pan egg bakes and crispy cauliflower bites!

Chew on this:

Today, April 6th, is Fresh Tomato Day. Grab a juicy red one, and whip up this Caprese Chicken. So much flavor, and it's completely clean!

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