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Dear Hungry Girl,

What's the best way make hard-boiled egg whites? I always wind up with eggshells that don't peel easily and yolks that stick to the whites. Also, any snack ideas for hard-boiled egg whites? Thank you!

Boilin' Trouble
Dear Boilin' Trouble,

You asked for tips and ideas -- you got 'em! First, the tips. Since it's only the whites you're after, you don't really need to be concerned with exact cooking time or worry about overcooking the eggs. In fact, the more solid the yolks become, the easier it is to separate them from the whites. So, place the eggs in a pot and cover completely with water. The pot should be large enough that there are still a few inches of the pot's inner edge above the water line -- this way, the water won't boil over. Bring it to a boil, and then continue to cook for about 10 minutes. After that, carefully drain the water, and cover the eggs in the pot with very cold water. (Got ice? Add it.) Once the eggs are cool enough to handle, crack 'em and the shells should peel off easily. Run a knife along the circumference of each peeled egg to separate the white into halves -- like cutting around the pit of an avocado. (It's easier to remove the yolk if you don't slice it in half.) Discard the yolks; and if the whites have any bits of yolk stuck to them, just rinse them in warm water. Tada! Now, the snack ideas. I like to eat egg whites all by themselves -- they're delicious and have only about 20 calories each! But sometimes I put a little Dijonnaise on them... or even a combo of Dijonnaise and Laughing Cow Light cheese -- SO GOOD! You can also try filling the whites with a little salsa, refried beans, or low-calorie dip, if you're feeling adventurous. Happy egg chewing!!!

Hi HG,

Sometimes you write about food finds that can only be purchased online. In your opinion, which are the MOST worth ordering online?

Curious in Kentucky
Hi Curious,

Great Q! There are some products that are SO good, but so hard to find, that they are absolutely worth ordering online. Here are my TOP ATE picks...

1. Vitalicious VitaTops - No question, VitaTops are the ultimate choice for online ordering. You can find some varieties in the freezer aisle of select supermarkets, but the best selection is on the Vitalicious website. Keep an eye out for money-saving specials in your HG emails!

2. Powdered Peanut Butter (PB2 or FitNutz)
- I wish this were sold everywhere, but I've yet to find it in stores. It ROCKS

3. FRS Low Cal Orange Concentrate - I LOVE this stuff and use it daily. I mix 2 oz. with a cup of water, a Splenda packet, and lots of crushed ice!

4. Healthy Snackin's Simply Snackin Dried Gourmet Meat Snacks - The world's best 50-calorie on-the-go protein snack! Dehydrated meat has never been so fancy...

5. Vivi's Original Sauce Carnival Mustard - This completely unique stuff is fantastic as a spread or a dip. Words cannot express how much I love this condiment!

6. Arctic Zero - An ice-cream-like treat with only 150 calories per pint? Yeeessssss!!!

7. NutriFit Mighty Mixes - I fell in love with these perfectly portioned snack mixes last year while I was traveling a lot. Great emergency snacks!

8. NuttZo Multi-Nut Butter - There is seriously nothing quite like this! It is JAM PACKED with all types of nuts and seeds. The calorie and fat counts are similar to regular peanut butter, but it's totally worth the stats (and the price)!

Today, August 11th, is National Raspberry Tart Day. Celebrate by making our BFFs! (Black Forest Fillo-Cups!) with raspberries in place of cherries. Tiny tarts for everyone!
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