6 Ways to Get Back on Track

Sep 6 2017
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The summer has been so crazy that I've lost track of my diet. I've gone from a habit maker to a habit breaker! Do you have any tips for getting back on track?

Off the Wagon
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You're not alone! Summer festivities -- parties, vacations, and more -- are great, but they can make it challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Never fear: I've got some tips 'n tricks to get you back on track in no time...

1. Summer clean your fridge!

You spring clean your house; now it's time to summer clean your fridge! Get rid of those sugary snacks, fatty BBQ leftovers, and half-eaten boxes of takeout. Fill up your fridge with delicious, nutritious ingredients, and do some weekend meal prep to jumpstart a healthy routine.

2. Make a list; check it twice.

Any goal needs a game plan, and a well-planned grocery list is a no-brainer. Not sure where to start? Check out my Official 2017 Supermarket List! Stock up on staples, and find a new go-to treat. Then plan ahead with these make-ahead meal ideas! Your future self will thank you.

3. Take advantage of the cooler weather.

This tip is less about diet and more about calorie burning, but the two go hand in hand. Game of Thrones may be over for the year, but winter is still coming, so enjoy the changing leaves and the crispness in the air. Take a walk, do some yardwork, ride your bike… Soak up this beautiful weather! Changing seasons are great for mixing up your workout routine.

4. Hydrate!

The sweltering heat is fading, but that doesn't mean you should let up on your H2O intake. Getting enough water each day can keep you from feeling too hungry -- so start guzzling! To encourage yourself to drink more water, treat yourself to a cute refillable water bottle. Check out these GORGEOUS options over on Amazon. Keep track of how many times you refill it throughout the day so you don't slack off. And if you're feeling fancy, try sparkling water. I LOVE Perrier.

5. Track your food.

That's right… Another list! But instead of what to buy, it's a list of what you've eaten. Food journaling is a lifesaver… It keeps you accountable, reveals unhealthy patterns, and reminds you of your healthy eating wins. Whether you use a personalized journal, a handy phone app, or a scrap of paper, just find something you can do consistently. Here's a great little journal, and the price is right!

6. Stock up on healthy snacks.

I'm a firm believer in always having emergency snacks on hand! You never know when they'll save you from making a poor food decision... Here are a few of my favorites. And check out our Monday emails for more yummy finds!
Overall, don't stress if things don't go perfectly! Getting back on track doesn't mean you won't veer off again. If you fall off the wagon, just hop right back on; no biggie. You've got this!

Chew on this:

September is National Rice Month. Regular rice is nice, but we'll be celebrating with cauliflower-rice recipes!

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