Everyday Ways to Easily Save Calories

Mar 20 2019


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https://d2gtpjxvvd720b.cloudfront.net/assets/emails/question@2x-a02b76db47a4ac32799e8b19315b3cbf.png Hi Lisa,

Do you have any simple tricks to save calories? I know every little thing adds up…

Calorie-Conscious Carol
https://d2gtpjxvvd720b.cloudfront.net/assets/emails/answer@2x-5ee5d524b01e4c5483f379894f2fa825.png Hi CCC,

Yes! I completely agree with you -- everything counts, so cut where you can. Here are some super simple tricks I use regularly to save calories throughout the day…

Salad Solutions

Swap dressing for salsa. This is one of my favorite ways to order a restaurant salad. Salsa is so flavorful, and it can save you HUNDREDS of calories when you replace salad dressing with it. I use salsa on my salads at home too!

Dip, don’t pour. If you do want dressing, stick with a light one. Newman’s Own Sesame Ginger and Bolthouse Farms Salsa Ranch ROCK. But don’t just pour the stuff all over your greens. Instead, dip your fork into the dressing. You’ll use way less dressing this way. Even light dressing can add lots of calories if you use too much of it. So DDP: Dip, don’t pour!

Chop, chop! I LOVE chopped salads. All the flavors get evenly dispersed, so there’s less need for dressing. Request your salad chopped when you’re dining out, or DIY at home. There are lots of fancy salad-chopping gadgets, but I find a good set of kitchen shears works best!

Rinse and eat. If you buy premade coleslaw or pasta salad, give it a quick rinse to send fatty calories down the drain. The flavor will have already soaked in, so it’ll still taste great!

Cut the Carbs

Scoop it. Can’t resist that bagel platter? No need to! Just scoop out the insides to save calories and carbs. Bonus: More room for yummy toppings, like smoked salmon, tomato, and capers!

Go breadless. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it! Have your sandwich or burger on a lettuce bun… You can even order them this way at a lot of restaurants and fast-food joints! Crisp, crunchy, and low in calories.

Sushi swap. I eat sushi at least twice a week, and I always ask the chef to prepare it with half the usual amount of rice. This way, I can still enjoy the classic combo of sushi rice and perfectly sliced raw fish without a lot of empty carbs. (Bonus tip: Order a sunomono, a.k.a. cucumber salad, to help you feel full.)

Ditch the Oil

The PB pour. You know that layer of oil sitting at the top of a fresh jar of natural peanut butter? Pour it off! You’ll save 120 calories for every tablespoon of oil, and don’t worry… You’ll still get plenty of those healthy fats. Another trick: Whip up a PB spread with powdered peanut butter, and go half and half with the real stuff.

Blot it while it’s hot. I’m talking about PIZZA. Blot your slice with a paper towel… Every teaspoon of oil you soak up saves you about 40 calories. Another pizza tip: Embrace veggie toppings like onions, peppers, and mushrooms, but watch out for eggplant… It’s typically fried and greasy.
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Happy National Ravioli Day, March 20th! This calls for a batch of Air-Fried Ravioli. (No air fryer? No problem… The recipe has alternative instructions for baking in an oven.)

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