4 Diet Destroyers & How to Stop Them

Jan 25 2017
Question@2x Hi Hungry Girl,

I'm trying to lose weight, but I feel like everyone around me unknowingly interferes with my goal! How do I prevent this from happening without becoming a total loner?

Derailed Dieter
Answer@2x Hi Derailed Dieter,

I understand your frustrations, and I'm here to help. No need to go into solitary confinement! Here are four types of people who can get in the way of your goals and tips on how to handle each of them... Get in front of it!


Your supervisor provided carby muffins for your morning meeting. Annie from Accounting baked brownies (again!) and left them in the break room. Your cubicle neighbors are ordering lunch from the local pizza joint. It never ends! Here's what to do...

* Always eat a healthy breakfast that's full of fiber and protein, plus some healthy fats. This way, you'll be way less likely to succumb to a.m. temptations. If you aren't hungry first thing in the morning, try these make-and-take morning meals.

* Keep a healthy snack stash at work, complete with craving-busters. Fresh fruit is great, but if chocolate's your 3pm downfall, also stock some of these 100-calorie chocolate fixes.

* Brown bag your lunch. You'll save cash and calories! Here are some make-ahead tips 'n tricks. And if you want to partake in the occasional lunch out, research the restaurant ahead of time to find the healthiest menu options.

Get more office advice here.

Your Significant Other

In the beginning stages, dating often involves dining out... a lot. Once you live together, your sweetie might stock up on tempting junk food. Before you know it, you’re falling in love and busting out of your pants! How to get in front of it?

* Every-night dinner dates are so 2016. Suggest going for a hike, hitting the dance floor, or walking around a nearby town. You could also cook dinner, so you’re in control of what you two eat. (We've got plenty of two-serving recipes.)

* Stock up on healthy favorites, and keep them in a separate pantry from your SO's not-so-healthy treats. (If he or she is taller than you, put their stuff on an out-of-sight shelf!)

Your Kids

All the rushing around that often accompanies child raising can result in eating the first thing you see. And the stress could lead you right to those fattening comfort foods. Another bad habit? Picking off your kids' plates. Here are my tips...

* Teach your kids about healthy eating by serving them food you'll feel good about eating too. Check out these kid-friendly recipes!

* Spend time doing physical activities with your little ones. Play tag, hike, bike... They'll love it, and you'll burn calories! (Bonus: You'll tire them out, so you can get some adult time later!)

Your Friends

Peer pressure at its finest. When you're all out together, you want to eat what they’re eating. Nachos for the table? Who wants dessert? Uh oh. Get in front of it...

* Tell your friends about your weight-loss goals. Good friends will support you and won't push you to indulge if they know you're trying to eat smart.

* Spend time with pals who have similar goals! Hold each other accountable, share recipes, and whip up healthy meals together.

* Just like dating, dining out isn't the only way to connect with friends. Meet for coffee, take an exercise class together, or take a trip to the mall.

You've got this!

Chew on this:

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