How to Handle Diet Saboteurs

Oct 30 2019 Hi Hungry Girl

I'd love to know how to deal with people who seem determined to sabotage my healthy eating lifestyle. You know, the ones who say "Just have a piece,” “Everyone else is eating it,” or “You don’t need to lose weight.” Do you have any advice for dealing with food-pushing family and friends?

Just Janine Hi Janine,

Dealing with diet saboteurs like these can be hard, especially when they’re people you care about. Here are my tricks for sticking to your diet and resisting pressure from those around you…
Don’t Make a Big Deal About Your Diet
The more vocal you are about what you eat, the more people will pay attention to it. And that can be a problem if you’re surrounded by less-than-supportive people who might challenge your eating habits. Just make food choices that are right for you, without announcing it to the world. No one will pay attention to what you eat, and you can enjoy your meal in peace.

Find Different Ways to Say No
Less is more… You don’t have to say “I’m on a diet,” “I’m watching my weight,” or “I can’t eat that.” Answers like this just make people want to tell you why you’re wrong and why you SHOULD eat whatever they’re pushing on you. Instead, a simple “No, thanks!” or “I’m not in the mood” will do. If you still feel like an explanation is required, mention that you just don’t feel well when you eat that food. Most people (the nice ones, at least!) will understand and won’t pressure you.

Take a Few Bites
Sometimes it’s easier to put a piece of birthday cake on your plate and nibble on it than to refuse a slice altogether. It’s less obvious that you’re cutting back, so people are less likely to comment and try to convince you to have a piece. The exception: if you’re the kind of person who can’t only have a bite or two. If it’s too much of a trigger for you to have a little without going overboard, turn to the other tips on this list.

Build Up Your Willpower
We don’t watch what we eat to please other people… We do it for ourselves. So if others have a problem with how or what we’re eating, who cares? They’ll get over it! Make choices that make YOU feel happy and healthy. Be confident in your choice to eat smart, and try to surround yourself with people who support you. (We’ve got a whole community of ‘em on Facebook!) The more you flex that muscle, the stronger you’ll get.

You’ve got this!

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